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Possible Then-and-now

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I failed to with the auction for a 1914 postcard of the NR in Bridgeport, IN yesterday. Bridgeport was a tiny town in far western Marion County, IN; it is now part of Indianapolis.




On my trip last August down the NR in western IN, I drove through here and took some shots. The road was straightened in 1937 just west of Bridgeport. I followed the old alignment. I took photos from about where the postcard photographer did.


Here's an eastbound shot from about this spot. If the postcard is facing east, then I may have taken my photo standing next to the house shown at far left in the postcard, which may still be standing; I see a house on Bing Maps bird's-eye view that could be it.




Here's a westbound photo of the old alignment. This is maybe 100 feet west of where I took the other photo, on the other side of a removed bridge. The utility poles are on the "left" side of the road in both of my photos, and the utility poles are on the left in the postcard, making it hard to judge based on them. The road's curvature in the postcard fits whether westbound or eastbound.





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