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Cumberland And Back


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Very interesting trip, Denny! Was this your first encounter with the Western MD. Scenic? Your video was good!

You have 2 choices to reach Brush tunnel; ride the train or use the trail (walk or bike) the tunnel is about 1.5 miles west of Cash Valley Rd.As you saw on Proenty Rd., the railroad sets high on some impressive fillwork. Climbing up from there may have involved ticks, snakes, sticker bushes, etc. :unsure:

Finally, it's a good thing you stayed at the Gunter on Sat. nite, this a.m. just after midnite the building at 1 West Main St. that housed Gianni's Pizza was gutted in a 4-alarm fire that lasted into the morning. The Gunter is 2 buildings west of there, and was evacuated during the duration of the fire. The hotel itself suffered no direct damage, but was a close call. The building that burned was a 1919 replacement of a building that burned in December 1917 along with a block of stores. (Everything was leveled between the Catholic Church and the Gunter) Most of Frostburg's business district has burned at various times since 1874.

There is a good multi-media report on your4state.com (Hagerstown,MD's. NBC affiliate)

Warren Jenkins


Attached is an old photo of the 1917 fire with the Gunter in the background.

WWJ collection


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I was by there this morning and, while it was too early for it to be open, cherry cider is clearly still available.

I like how the sign you photographed from Day 1 actually says "Cheery" cider. Puts a smile on your face!



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It was my second time riding the WMSR but my first seeing the arrival in Frostburg. Two very different experiences.


Even though thoughts of ticks, snakes, and stickers did not really form, I had a hunch that climbing steep slopes by myself a few miles from pavement wouldn't be prudent. Next time I may try walking in along the trail.


Wow. Seems thing really got exciting around the Gunter last night. Sure glad to hear it wasn't harmed. It's a wonderful place. The TV station reported the hotel's size as 100 rooms; a number they got from a too casual glance at the Gunter's website. There were 100 when it opened in 1897 but less that a third that many today. The reduction in number mostly comes from combining some rooms to form larger units.




I took the picture, edited and posted the picture, and parked by the sign when I returned yesterday but I didn't see cheery until you pointed it out. Yeah, it does put a smile on my face. :)

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