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Come Visit Willis Tower In Chicago

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What? Willis Tower which used to be called the Sears Tower. A London-based insurance brokerage with little US name recognition just rented 140,000 square feet and got the naming rights.


Personally, I will continue to call it the Sears Tower.


Now, when visiting Chi-Town, you can visit the Aon Building, US Cellular Field, the James R. Thompson Center, and the Palmolive-No, Playboy-No Palmolive Building. Go north to Evanston and see the Northwestern Wildcats at Ryan Field.

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"Sears Tower" does have the force of long use but one corporate name really is just as good as any other. In time, we may adjust. After all, it is rare these days, to hear anyone talk of celebrating New Year's Eve in Longacre Square.

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Must be back to the farning days. Have I got a deal for you!!!


Well, Sears Tower is corporate, as is Wrigley Field.


Next thing you know, Chicago's other tall building will be Crooked CEOs Lair.

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Whatchoo talking about - Willis? LOL :D

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