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  1. Legislative Action Alert The recent local news has been awash with reports of the Governor's intentions to eliminate over 150 boards and commissions. The net result of this proposal, as declared in her policy statement, will be the elimination of the Washington State Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board (note item 19 on page 2). This is the citizen oversight board, requested by the motorcyclists of Washington and funded through their endorsement fees. This is the same advisory board that has mentored the program from its earliest days, resulting in one of the best motorcycle safety programs in the nation and one of the best relationships between the riders of a state and the agency administering the program. Here are the bills that are looking at boards and commissions at this time. HB 2087: Eliminates the board in its entirety (see section 34) HB 1497: Kills the entire motorcycle safety training program (see section 901 (12)) SB 5588: Suspends the entire program until July 1, 2011 (see section 109) All riders need to contact their representative and let them know that the riding community will not tolerate the elimination of any portion of a program that is proven to save lives, with absolutely no revenue impact on either the general fund or the motor vehicle fund. The entire funding stream for this program comes from the riding community. Points to emphasize: It is revenue neutral It saves lives The riding community asked that the program be established 25 years ago and has vigorously supported it ever since. Flood the switchboards ad hit the e-mail. It is imperative that we nip this in the bud. To find your legislator go to http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx Let's get busy. Ride safely and legislate well "Texas" Larry Walker Government Relations Specialist Washington Road Riders Association wrraleg@aol.com 360-271-9285 I thought you all might be interested in what is going on in our state. I doubt that many of these proposed bills will go anywhere - but then again they might! I would ask you to contact your own legislators and ask that the rider education programs in your state be protected, strengthened, and expanded! When people cannot affoed fuel or expensive vehicles what will they do - possibly turn to light and fuel-efficient motorcycles? Do we want the newbies to be educated - or just turn them loose? Cheers! Dave Preston forum moderator Cycle Barn MotorSports Group Seattle, WA
  2. I would think this pretty much has to be a photo shop effort - and a lot of it. With two wheels and that seating position, any application of the brakes from speed would send you into a face plant!
  3. Since I live in the Seattle area most of my trips are in the Northwest. Recently enjoyed a fabulous three day ride to the Clarkston area in the southeastern corner of the state. I work for the Cycle Barn MotorSports Group, and in the course of leading customer rides for the past few years I have developed a library of route direction sheets to virtually every corner of our state. Anyway can e-mail me at fanatic@cyclebarn.com and I will be happy to share!
  4. Hi there! I have agreed to be the moderator of this site, at least until Tom and Becky can find someone better! My name is David Preston. and I am "the public relations guy" for the Cycle Barn MotorSports Group, a trio of multi-line large dealerships and assorted related businesses just north of Seattle. Without going into exhaustibve detail, I have ridden over 250 motorcycles in my 40 years of riding, and I am the author of "Motorcycle 101" - a book I highly recommend (well - I would. wouldn't you think?) which is available from American Road. Anyway - any questions? Dave Preston Cycle Barn
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