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  1. I forgot to post my last Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter - my bad. Before I post my new one I want to give everyone the chance to check it out. You can read it at: http://xrl.us/7kw9 I also want to address some comments made about me - I am definitely not an expert in the early routing of the Lincoln Highway, especially in the western states - Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. There is so much of the Lincoln Highway there that has been reduced to jeep trails on private ranches, driveways, etc. that you would really have to live in the area, and have lots of free time, to figure things out. The 2007 National Lincoln Highway Conference pre-tour in Wyoming proved that. Despite the fact that we were on dirt roads for hours, there were always barely discernible tracks and traces of earlier routes. Thanks to Randy Wagner for these wonderful pre and post Conference Tours. Lastly - I still haven't figured out how folks are getting pics in their posting, and would appreciate if someone could explain it to me. Thanks.
  2. In 1994 a woman was cleaning out a basement in an old commerical building in Dayton, Nevada. She found a heavy wooden crate that she couldn't move marked on the outside as from the LA Enamel Sign Company, Los Angeles. After prying off the top she found 14 unused large Lincoln Highway porcelain on steel signs marked for the Pioneer Trail Unit, with right and left turn arrows, from 1921! ypsi-slim
  3. Great stuff - I have not personally driven the route around the Dugway bombing range but was told that it is best for high profile vehicles. Additionally it was recommended by locals in Tooele (including Jesse Peterson the Lincoln Highway Association Treasurer and former Tooele Sheriff) that you have a good spare tire, cell phone, food and water. Now I don't know if there is cell coverage there - there isn't in Ely. I have driven to the Dugway Proving Ground entrance, and then had a military escort some miles in to see an old one-lane Lincoln Highway cedar bridge and a historical plaque by the BLM. From this point the Lincoln Highway looks like a jeep trail into the horizon. We were allowed to take photos but only in one direction toward the bridge. Behind us was a building with mutiple fences and layers of razor wire, and signs like "Deadly Force Is Authorized." No kidding but from my reading on biochemical warfare I believe this is one of the sites where some nasty stuff is still stored. You can see a picture of the bridge at: http://ludb.clui.org/ex/i/UT3143/ The eastern part of the Proving Ground is like a small abandoned city with all sorts of buildings that are no longer used as it is sparsely populated mostly with civilian employees. The western part is the bombing range which is gigantic and the northern part (the Wendover Range) runs to the Nevada border. The early Lincoln Highway continues through this area including the Goodyear cut-off. Some years ago, as part of the Lincoln Highway Association National Conference in Salt Lake City we drove all the way through the bombing range in buses with a military escort. It was very eery - all sorts or rusted vehicles, equipment, buildings and old mining stuff there I guess is used for targeting. I guess they held off bombing that day. At the Lincoln Highway National Conference in Ely two years ago the eastern tour did some old the old route east of US 93. It is also fun driving the later Lincoln Highway - Victory Highway - US 40 route across the Salt Lake to Wendover. (almost every room at every Wendover Casino is $39.99) and then south to Ely. This route was also signed as US 50 some time ago. In Ely there are still nice but small rooms you can stay in on the top (6th) floor of the Hotel Nevada, which was the tallest building in Nevada in 1928. The Lincoln Highway paving was completed between Wendover and Ely in 1930 resulting in a "Californa Day" celebration in Ely. the LHA Conference was the 75th anniversary of this event. ypsi-slim
  4. Hey Folks, Always late but worth waiting for - here's your Lincoln Highway E-newsletter: Lincoln Highway Association’s National Headquarters Opens The grand opening ceremony for the new national headquarters of the Lincoln Highway Association it scheduled for 1 P.M. Saturday, April 21, 2007. The offices are at 402 West Washington Street, South Bend, Indiana. The public it invited. This will be the headquarters for David L. Hay, the LHA’s first executive director. Hay brings solid academic credentials and a wide range of experience to his position. He earned an MBA from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Notre Dame. He has worked in fundraising, communications, and executive management in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. “I am excited to be working for this great organization,” Hay said. “Is it rare to find the opportunity to combine one’s skills and passions, and it’s my good fortune to be able to do that here.” Hay said that highways embody his love of cars and the freedom to go where people want to go. “The Lincoln Highway continues to be a place where we can do just that,” he added. The LHA search committee was headed by President Bob Lichty. Others included Jan Shupert-Arick, LHA vice president; Olga Herbert, executive director of Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor and a member of the LHA board of directors; and Bill Arick, treasurer of the association’s endowment committee, which provided funds for the new position. Working with the LHA’s five-member executive committee and 15-member board of directors, Hay will conduct fundraising activities, planning, and projects with national focus. The association’s offices are in South Bend’s historic Remedy Building, also headquarters for the northern regional offices of the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. The telephone number is (574) 233-0393, and the e-mail address is hay.1@nd.edu. David writes, " We will be dedicating a replica concrete LH post at the event. There will also be classic cars, LH artifacts, the Trading Post mobile store, and other interesting activities. No RSVP is needed, and feel free to contact me at (574) 233-0393 for more information. This year's Lincoln Highway Association National (LHA) Conference in Fort Morgan, CO is a unique opportunity to explore the little known routing of the LH Colorado loop. The conference takes place from Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22. There is a special pre-conference tour on Sunday June 17th, and a special post-conference tour on Friday afternoon on the 22nd. Read more about it, get your registration material, and download the conference brochure at the LHA home page: http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paul Gilger, Chairman of the Lincoln Highway Association Mapping Committee reports new mileage totals based on all alignments of the Lincoln Highway: "Total original 1914-1915 Lincoln Highway alignments: 3934.49 Total additional 1928-1930 realignments: 1371.15 Total additional intermediate realignments that were subsequently bypassed: 395.25 Total additional 1913 Proclamation Route alignments that were subsequently bypassed: 167.81 Grand Total For All Alignments: 5868.70 Obviously, the totals for each state may vary a couple of miles depending on the accuracy of the DeLorme program. Note that Utah and Ohio are only separated by a difference of 3.33 miles, and Pennsylvania and Iowa are only separated by a difference of 4.44 miles. But given today’s technology, this is as accurate as we can get. As you can see, there is a LOT more Lincoln Highway than the original 3389 miles. For what it’s worth, our grand total of 5868 miles minus our original route of 3389 miles equals a difference of 2479 miles. According to the website Wikipedia, Route 66 is 2448 miles long. Of course, Route 66 has its realignments too, but it’s interesting to note that our extra mileage is 31 miles longer than Route 66’s original road. Now that’s something we can ALL brag about. Go Lincoln! Best regards, Paul." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's a great historic photography archive that I found - PhillyHistory, at http://www.phillyhistory.org It currently features 25,000 on-line images of Philadelphia dating back to the 19th century, with 2,000 more being added every month. The total archive includes 2 million. You can search by date, keyword, address or neighborhood. The results include a thumbnail and a brief caption. Click on the thumbnail for a details page which includes a larger picture, a map of the neighborhood, and the location of the photograph. You can also purchase copies. I did a search on keyword "Broad" and limited it between 1915 and 1930 and it came up with 212 photos including a bunch at the intersection of North Broad and Olney Sts. This site needs a lot more research - very impressive! Playwright Laura Conrad, Duncansville, PA has composed a musical about the S.S. Grandview Ship Hotel, that famous Lincoln Highway landmark in Bedford County. The musical will premiere at Old Bedford Village in June and is based on the S.S. Grand View Ship Hotel in the early 1930s. Read more about it at the Daily American: http://xrl.us/ve32 I wonder when the CD or DVD comes out? One man's attempt to save an historical school on the Lincoln Highway in Irwin, PA: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06355/747673-59.stm The Pittsburgh Tribune covered Brian Butko's presentation The Last Frontier: Driving Across America in the 1910s. http://xrl.us/vfkw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Valparaiso, IN does it up right. Their streetscape improvement project included marking the Lincoln Highway with vinyl Lincoln Highway sign stickers on all street signs within the city route, Lincoln Highway banners downtown, and the placement of a Lincoln Highway marker with a new marble interpretative monument. The marker and monument were unveiled at a special ceremony on Lincoln's birthday, Monday, February 12th. I was on hand for the festivities with Lincoln Highway Association Vice-President Jan Shupert-Arick, and new Executive Director David Hay. I will be posting some pictures in a week or so on the Indiana Lincoln Highway Assoc Chapter website - www.IndianaLincolnHighway.com Read more about it at the Post Tribune: http://www.post-trib.com/news/254490,vlincoln.article and at NWI.com http://xrl.us/ve2c The Future Ligonier Alliance, Inc. is group of business and property owners in downtown Ligonier, IN. The purpose of this group is to create an interest in the revitalization and restoration of the downtown and surrounding area. Checkout their website at: http://www.futureligonier.org/index.html Plus there is a wonderful set of pictures of buildings in Ligonier, Patty Fisel's Goldsmith Hotel project, and many vintage postcard views: http://picasaweb.google.com/fought70/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 2007 National Model A Restorers Club (MARC) Convention is being held in Joliet, IL this Spring - April 12 - 15. The theme is "Meet Us at the Crossroads." For more info check out the Joliet Region MARC website at: http://www.jolietmarc.org/ Illinois LHA Director Kay Shelton sends a reminder about Michael Wallis' new Lincoln Highway book: "The In July of 2007, Lincoln Highway: Coast To Coast Along Route 30—From Times Square to the Golden Gate by Michael Wallis and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Michael S. Williamson will be published. Wallis is the author of “Route 66” and is the voice of the “Sheriff” in the movie, “Cars.” Information about the book is available from the publisher at: http://www2.wwnorton.com/catalog/spring07/005938.htm and on Amazon.com. In conjunction with the book’s release, libraries in states along the route are invited to participate in a One Book, One Road program, linking readers in communities across the country. In early summer of 2007, the Illinois Chapter of the national organization, the Lincoln Highway Association, will develop a Web site with information about the Lincoln Highway and the book, with ‘book club’ discussion questions, recommended readings, handouts, and a calendar of events as dates are known. Some libraries in Illinois will be developing exhibits on the Lincoln Highway in late summer in conjunction with the community read. All interested libraries can use anything off Web site after its development and submit events to be added to the future calendar. Beginning in Times Square and ending in San Francisco, Michael Wallis and Michael S. Williamson will go on a coast-to-coast tour promoting their book, approximately July through September. The publisher is in the process of setting up dates and venues along Lincoln Highway for events with the authors. As those events are know, they will be added to the calendar. Libraries interested in possibly hosting an event with the authors are encouraged to contact Kay Shelton, State Director of the Illinois Lincoln Highway Association as soon as possible at: lincolnhighway2010@yahoo.com" More about Dekalb, IL's Lincoln Highway murals at: http://www.northernstar.info/articles/?id=35682 The Illinois and Iowa LHA Chapters will be having a joint meet on May 12, starting at 11:00 am at the LHA National Visitors Center in Franklin Grove, IL. More info can be found at: http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/iowa/IAIL.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeff LaFollette, Iowa LHA Clinton County Consul reports: "DeWitt, IA has completed a year long project of street improvements through the downtown area and had a ceremony not only marking the completion of the project, but they also unveiled a plaque in the city park marking the junctions of former US 61 and US 30, marking the history of both highways with the Lincoln Highway as the main focus. Mike Kelly, Benton County Consul reports: "Youngville Café had another successful season. In addition to the regularly scheduled lunches and Farmers Market, they hosted a stop on the Antique Automobile Club of America’s founders Tour in May, a class reunion in August and the annual Apple Daze celebration in September. A reproduction Lincoln highway Marker was placed in the front yard and the original marker purchased last year was on display in the café. In October, the state of Iowa approved Youngville’s application for National Historic Register status and the application was forwarded to Washington D.C. for final approval." Breaking news - Youngville has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Yeh! It will reopen for the season on May 1st. Visit Youngville's website at: http://www.youngvillecafe.com/ From the Dunlap Reporter, (thru zwire.com) Lincoln Highway route OK'd by Council An article about the progress of the Lincoln Highway as part of the Iowa Scenic and Heritage Program: http://xrl.us/vez2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Kemmerer Gazetteer on-line in February reports: "The Fort Bridger State Historic Site is seeking old photographs and information on the Lincoln Highway Motel (sometimes known as the Krusmark Property) in Fort Bridger. A grant is available to refurbish these historic buildings, but we want to make sure we are as accurate as we can be. If you have any photographs that you would let us make a copy of or any memories that you would like to share, please call Martha at 307-782-3842 or 307-787-3162." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ West Wendover, NV was the site of a special Lincoln and Victory Highway dedication ceremony which included the placement of three reproduction Lincoln Highway cement markers. The March 16 activities included participation of Boy Scout Troup 140, and LHA members Rollin Southwell and George Clark. Read more about it and checkout some pics at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/3/prweb510160.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Harley Owners Group - H.O.G. will include the Lincoln Highway as part of their Posse Ride: Great American Adventure, an 18-day cross-country journey July 13-30, 2007, a 3,200-mile trail through the heartland of the United States. Founded in 1983, the Harley Owners Group is the official riding club of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. H.O.G. currently has more than 1 million members and more than 1,400 chapters worldwide, making it the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle organization in the world. H.O.G. rallies are held around the globe to celebrate Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding. http://xrl.us/ve3y Time Magazines archives are now on line at Time.Com. A search for "Lincoln Highway" revealed: Monday, Sept. 08, 1924, Caravan, "Starting from Plymouth, VT, proceeding through Northampton, Mass., and thence to Manhattan and over the Lincoln Highway to Los Angeles and San Francisco, a caravan of automobiles is scheduled to set out proselytizing for the Republican Party. The caravan proper is to be made of a small nucleus of cars that will cover the entire distance, but in each state a special escort, five to ten miles in length with floats, tractors, automobiles in line will help along the demonstration. Rallies will be held in the principal towns and the caravan will attempt a general jubilation and Republicanization from coast to coast." Monday, May. 25, 1925 - an article about a the dedication of a historic marker for Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, NJ: http://xrl.us/vezn November 26, 1918 - "Last week, President Coolidge officially "opened" the Atlantic Coastal Highway, a defensively strategic motor-road system composed of links otherwise named (viz., Boston Post Road, Lincoln Highway) and new links costing $100,000,000, connecting Calais, Me., and Key West, Fla. April 15, 1929 - an article about a sculpture exhibition at the Palace of the Legion of Honor at the Western Terminus of the Lincoln Hwy: http://xrl.us/vezt November 18, 1935 - Lincoln's Last Link, an article about a North Platte celebration of the paving of 28 miles in Nebraska which is claimed to be the last link in the Lincoln Highway! http://xrl.us/vezx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lincoln Highway Eats - OHIO: ypsi-slim's rules of the road - food try to eat at non-chain restaurants try all regional food try all non-chain real barbeque places (drive around back and look for wood, Thai places are a backup) you are allowed to eat fruit pie when on a road trip (even if you are diabetic, quest for rhubarb and marionberry) I'm pretty weak on stuff east of Ohio. When we had our Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) National Conference in Edison, New Jersey, we had lunch at an excellent brew pub in Times Square with good sausage sandwiches, which I believe was the Times Square Brewery, and now out of business. There was the Empire Diner in Edison, but I never had the chance to try it. Hopefully Brian Butko will come up with more ideas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. What was the Pittsburgh brew pub where we had lunch at the LHA National Conference in Chester, WV? They had some of the best beer I have ever had, and very good German food. Regional Pennsylvania food includes the famous - Chicken and Waffles entree. I have an old real photo postcard of Hoge's Drive Inn at the intersection of old US 30 and SR 7 in East Liverpool, OH. I surprised to find this restaurant still open, but no longer a drive-in, a few years back. It features excellent home style food at very reasonable prices, and is worth seeking out. I believe Hoge's first opened in 1947 - so it must be pleasing the locals. It's a smoke-free family style restaurant. (Address, phone & map - http://xrl.us/u6v2 ) Lisbon, OH is a two diner town, but alas Crosser's Diner has been closed for some time. I always, though, try to stop at the other Steel Trolley Diner. Standard diner fare - good burgers and fries. There's a picture of this 1956 O'Mahoney Diner at: http://www.oh-diners.com/OH-D/steel_trolley.htm Ohio Magazine has honored them for making some of the best burgers in the state. (Address, phone & map - http://xrl.us/u6v4 ) Hanoverton, OH features the wonderful Spread Eagle Tavern. I have had both lunch and dinner here and both meals were excellent. They also offer lodging. Read more about this 19th century Inn at their website: http://www.spreadeagletavern.com/history.shtml They are open daily for lunch, and Thursday through Saturday for dinner. Hanoverton also has the Rt. 30 Cafe on 29957 Canal St., but I haven't had the chance to try it. Minerva, OH - I've driven by the Southern Inn many times but never had the occasion to stop there. It looks like it has been there for 50+ years. On the west side of Canton, OH, about 1/2 mile north of W. Tuscawaras on Whipple St. is Fano's Candies Nuts Ice Cream. Not just a candie and ice cream shop, Fano's offers breakfast's and lunch. Checkout their website for more info and menu: http://www.fanoscandynuts.com/ There is also a drive-in on Whipple that I haven't checked out yet, a couple of blocks further north of Fano's - Whipple Dari Drive-In. Esther Queneau writes, " Canton, OH - Heggy's Nut & Candy Shop is on the LH at 3200 Tuscarawas St. It serves some foods, too, and it's been a long-time business there." Massilon, OH has an outlet for Handel's Homeade Ice Cream at 3107 Lincoln Way E. For some reason this location is not listed at the company's website: http://www.handelsicecream.com/home/index.html I can confirm that the Massillon location is open. Massilon also has the Lincoln Highway Cafe at 121 Lincoln Way E. I hope to check it out next time I am in the area. Just south of the Lincoln Highway in Dalton, OH on SR 94 - Mill St is the Dalton Dariette. The Amish Heartland website, Here's the Scoop page, from Wooster, OH says, " The Dalton Dariette is pretty much an institution in eastern Wayne County. Since 1958, people have been driving to this nostalgic drive-in for ice cream, enjoying cones, sundaes, swirls and banana splits. Soft serve comes in chocolate, vanilla and a flavor-of-the-week, and hand- dipped hard ice cream comes in eight delicious flavors. The Dariette is also well-known for their made-to-order sandwiches, chicken, fish and homemade curly fries." West of Dalton, at the corner of US 30 and Kidron Rd., many local cheeses and the famous area Trail Bologna can be had at Shisler's Cheese House, Read more about it at: http://xrl.us/u6wu Just past Kidron Rd. and north on SR 57 - Wadsworth Rd is the town of Orville, OH, home of Smucker's. They have a retail store with an in-house bakery - Simply Smucker's, 333 Wadsworth Rd. http://www.jmsmucker.com/ Haven't made it yet to the Amish Door Restaurant in Wooster, OH but plan to check it out soon. Everything there is homemade. Read a review at: http://xrl.us/u6wr and checkout that giant apple fritter! Another place I am curious about is the Tulipan Hungarian Pastry shop at 122 S. Market St. Sherrick's Diner in Ashland, OH is no longer open as a restaurant but the building is still there and was open recently as a video rental, and as a Harley Davidson dealership. You can see an early matchbook and recent photo at the One Time Diners of Ohio website: http://www.geocities.com/cornwallace55/ohio.html (scroll down to Ashland County) Esther Queneau writes, " Ashland, OH - Lyn-Way Restaurant at 1320 Cleveland Ave. has good food but they are known in particular for their wonderful pies. The last I knew, they were $1.55 for a 1/6th slice, and they have a number of standard ones all the times, plus several specials each day. My favorites are the Buckeye (chocolate and peanut butter cream pie) and the Dutch Cherry (crumb crust on top). I don't recall that they have ever had either rhubarb or marionberry (they do have ground cherry on Thursdays, I think it is). Note: They wanted to name it Lin-Way but that name was already taken. Directions: Coming into Ashland from the east, take the Rte. 42 by-pass to the right to first stoplight at Middle Rowsburg Rd, turn left. - take it to the stop sign at Cleveland Ave., turn right - restaurant comes up fast on the left." Mansfield, OH features Porky's Drive-In since 1947, here's their website: http://porkysdrivein.com/porkysdrivein/ Mike Hocker reports, "Try Pop's Sweet Shoppe in Uptowne Galion, OH, but call me to meet for lunch! They make a HUGE pork tenderloin sandwich, have other homestyle lunches and dinners, and the place is like walking back in time to 1952...replete with white marble bar and stainless stools and backbar. (But it's been installed all Old-new in 2003 or 04)." Bucyrus, OH is known as the Bratwurst Capital of the USA, and has their Bratwurst Festival mid-August each year. Read more about it at Ohio Festivals and Events Assoc: http://www.ofea.org/view.php?fest_id=29 and at: http://xrl.us/u6xh Carle's Bratwurst, since 1929, has a retail store at 1210 East Mansfield St.; visit their website at: http://www.carlesbrats.com/ Another local manufacturer, Bratworks, offers a Drive-Thru retail outlet 574 S. Sandusky Ave. Checkout their website at: http://www.thebratworks.com/ I don't know if any local restaurants feature local brats. Mike Lester writes, " A place you missed in Bucyrus is Miller's Drive In. They have kind of short hours during winter, but in summer they have carhop service. I believe they make their own root beer. They also take part in the LH Garage sale with a souvenir mug." Millers is located on the LH at 1849 E Mansfield St: http://www.aroundrr.com/Cooking/otl/Bucyru....asp?id=millers One of the OH US 30 landmarks is the Steer Barn in Upper Sandusky, OH. The restaurant was fashioned from an 1897 barn, that later featured a Mail Pouch sign, and was renovated into a restaurant in 1965. Driven by it often, but never ate there. I believe it is only open for dinner. You can see some pictures at the Ohio Barn website: http://xrl.us/vf6g North of Upper Sandusky on SR 199 (Old US 23) and south of Carey, OH is the remnant of an old dutch mill shaped building. Anyone know what it is - gas station, restaurant, one-stop? Delphos, OH is the home of the now defunct Lincoln Highway Dairy. Collectors seek their various milk bottles and pogs. A photograph of one of their horse-drawn delivery wagons was made into a postcard a few years back. Balyeat's Coffee Shop in Van Wert, OH, open since 1923, is an excellent local family style restaurant featuring a great neon sign and fried chicken. They also cater events at the Marsh Hotel across the street, which was the original Lincoln Highway Control Station for Van Wert. You can see a picture of their sign, which you can send as a postcard, at the Ohio Lincoln Highway - National Scenic Byways photo page website: (photo no. 1) http://www.byways.org/browse/byways/52781/photos.html "Hamburg - pickle on top! Make your heart go flippity flop!" (Kewpie slogan) An earlier routing of the Lincoln Highway, and US 30 South, went through Lima, OH which always means stopping at the Kewpie, my number one place for burgers in the US. The Kewpie Hotel was an early hamburger franchise that started in Flint, MI and was later headquartered in Lima, OH, and at one point had 200 locations in the Midwest. The store in Lima, at 111 N Elizabeth St., is still open, and is an art deco shrine - you can see a picture of the outside here: http://www.kewpee.com/otherkewpees.php The inside is all black and white tile, and stainless steel. Besides their truly excellent hamburgers, they always have 5 - 10 kinds of pie. You are always allowed to eat pie when on a road trip. I recommend their rhubarb and lemon crunch. There is another Kewpie in Lima just off I-75 exit 125. The building is non-distinct but it still has the same great food. The Kewpie in Racine, WI is still open and has a great website at: http://www.kewpee.com/ There are also two Kewpie related burger places in Lansing, MI and the related Bill Thomas' Haloburger mini-chain in Flint, MI. I am interested in any Kewpie related collectibles anyone may have. There is also a great Mello-Creme Donut sign in Lima at their store on 822 S Metcalf St (which is the Dixie Highway). That's it for Ohio. I would be interested in hearing about any local non-chain restaurants along or near the Lincoln Highway in Ohio that I may not know about. Also - I am curious if there any restaurants along the Lincoln Highway in Ohio that offer a pork tenderloin sandwich. Also - I am always interested to hear about any barbeque and Thai restaurants. Next newsletter: LH Eats - Indiana. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dixie Highway news: Why this suddenly popped up on Time.com is sort of a mystery but perhaps they just recently provided access to their archive: "Monday, Oct. 19, 1925 Celebrating the completion of the Dixie Highway from Sault Ste. Marie to Miami, after ten years of labor by the Dixie Highway Association, a "motorcade" traveled southward over the highway last week, waving flags and making speeches." Well - I searched their archives and came up with this article about Ocala: http://xrl.us/vezc and another about Vandalia, OH - the intersection of the Dixie and National Highways, and the Amateur National Trapshooting Assoc.: http://xrl.us/vezf Anyone ever been to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL on the Dixie Highway? Looks like my kind of place. Check it out at: http://www.coralcastle.com/home.asp Norman Pepper fights to keep his giant catfish which advertises Pepper Tackle Shop on the Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY area, from the Courier-Journal.com: http://xrl.us/ve2j ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Auction News: One of the biggest and best postcard auctions takes place this spring at Lyn Knight Auctions, Overland Park, Kansas, Wednesday and Thursday, May 23-24, 2007. The auction features uncirculated advertising linen postcards from the Curt Teich company archives, and postcards from the decedent estate of Jane Pepper - 40 year collector. You can get more information, and bid online after April 15 at: http://www.lynknightauctions.com/ Ebay auctions: A porcelain 5" Goodrich Tourist license plate tag closed at $68.80: http://xrl.us/tzha A 1914 - 1925 diary of Alice Gehant” of Ashton Illinois was popular drawing 13 bids and closed at $169.50. The description implies that the diary included a 1914 Lincoln Highway trip. No pics but more trip description at: http://xrl.us/vf7p A Lincoln Highway concrete marker medallion drew 25 bids before closing at $213.65: http://xrl.us/vf7q A water-transfer souvenir tourist decal of a ski scene at Donner Pass brought $29! http://xrl.us/vf7s A real photo postcard of Chamber's Wayside Inn, gas station in Essex, CA on Route 66 closed at $113.61: http://xrl.us/vf7v A 1927 Official State Highway road map of Arizona in fair condition only surprisingly closed at $334 (spite bidding?) http://xrl.us/vf7x A souvenir pennant from the S.S. Grand View Ship Hotel brought $35.21. A collection of 163 flattened match covers from Route 66 business closed at $224.72: http://xrl.us/vf7z A 1913 Hamilton's California Tour Book only attracted two bids but brought $152.50: http://xrl.us/vf72 A round porcelain Goodrich school safety guide post sign brought $312.55: http://xrl.us/vf77 A Breezewood, PA 14 unit motel sold under Ebay's Make An Offer provisions at $175,000. Many pics still available: http://xrl.us/vf8a I missed bidding on this wonderful chrome postcard of the Buckeye Sinclair Gas Station at the intersection of US 30 and SR 9, Hanoverton, OH. It closed at $22.72: http://xrl.us/vf8b A mining Doctor's 1920+ photo album from Ely, NV was popular attracting 18 bids and closing at $797.98. Pics are down but further description is available at: http://xrl.us/vf8d A 1923 National Park-To-Park Highway map brought $99.88: http://xrl.us/vf8e A real photo view of Fred's Place, south out of Lake Tahoe on US 50 brought $153.51: http://xrl.us/vf8g A water-transfer souvenir decal of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was very popular attracting 32 bids and closing at $97.66! http://xrl.us/vf8i A banged-up Lincoln Highway marker medallion failed to meet it's reserve price, only attracting bids up to $75.99: http://xrl.us/vf8j A real photo postcard of the Lake Tahoe Country Club brought $160.82: http://xrl.us/vf8m A real photo postcard of the Lookout Point Hotel at Emigrant Gap, CA closed at $54.77: http://xrl.us/vf88 A wonderful set of 32 glass negatives of the construction of the Holland Tunnel seemed a real bargain at $105.05: http://xrl.us/vf89 A porcelain radiator badge from the Denver Auto Club closed at $108.50: http://xrl.us/vf9a Another banged-up Lincoln Highway marker medallion failed to attract any interest when listed with an opening bid of $400, or when later listed with an opening bid of $199.99: http://xrl.us/vf9b A 1929 Marland Oil road map of Oklahoma closed at $103.98: http://xrl.us/vf9d A similar Marland Oil Kansas map brought $75. A 1934 Official State Highway map of Michigan was popular attracting 12 bids and closing at $66: http://xrl.us/vf9e A 1937 one went for $39: http://xrl.us/vf9z A 1931 one closed at $59: http://xrl.us/vf76 A circa 1910 real photo postcard of the First National Blank in Dunlap, IA surprisingly closed at $224.50: http://xrl.us/vf9g A circa 1920 real photo postcard of a snowbound Gaynor's Lunch wagon, location unknown, was still desirable and closed at $202.50: http://xrl.us/vf9i A 1938 The Story Of Howard Johnsons booklet went for $47.45: http://xrl.us/vf9j A linen advertising postcard for Miller's Cafeteria in Fort Wayne brought $37.87: http://xrl.us/vf9m A nice 1920 real photo postcard of downtown Bourbon, off the 1928 Indiana Lincoln Highway route, closed at $54: http://xrl.us/vf9o A 1930 Official State Highway map of New Mexico brought $113.61: http://xrl.us/vf9p A real photo if the Auto Park Camp on the National Hwy in Cumberland, MD closed at $63.75: http://xrl.us/vf9r This old Texaco strip map booklet of the Lincoln Highway is always popular. This one drew 19 bids and closed at $137.51: http://xrl.us/vf9s A pair of plastic salt & pepper shakers in the shape of Mobil gas pumps brought $47.01: http://xrl.us/vf9u Another Lincoln Highway marker medallion, with it's three prongs still attached brought $297.55: http://xrl.us/vf9x A 1914 Lincoln Highway Association membership card brought $58.99: http://xrl.us/vf93 A real photo postcard of the German Car in the 1908 New York to Paris Auto Race in Kearney, NE by the noted photographer SD Butcher closed at $57.59: http://xrl.us/vf95 A linen advertising card of the Downington Diner on US 30 in PA brought $78: http://xrl.us/vf98 Another one of these tin Lincoln Highway Garage, Rawlins, WY signs brought $305: http://xrl.us/vgaa Over 15 of these have shown up on Ebay over the last 5-10 years making me a little suspicious that these might be repros. A 1908 watch fob commemorating Jack Banta driver of the Chicago Automobile club pilot car for the New York-Paris racers closed at $91.57: http://xrl.us/vgac A "We travel Nebraska US 30" water-transfer souvenir decal brought $13.29: http://xrl.us/vgae A very nice printed black & white advertising postcard of the Edgewood restaurant 9 miles west of Coatesville, PA on the Lincoln Highway brought $38.50: http://xrl.us/vgag A shield-shaped US 395 road sign with plastic bead reflectors from California was popular and closed at $1,526: http://xrl.us/vgah A cast iron Iowa US 20 shield-shaped road sign went for $492: http://xrl.us/vgai A real photo postcard of the Rainbow Bridge at Donner Summit filled with cars and people, purporting to be the 1928 Lincoln Highway marking ceremony brought $78.77: http://xrl.us/vgat The winning bidder ignored my request for a scan of the postcard. A nice old real photo postcard of the LH Arch in Dixon, IL closed at $77.36: http://xrl.us/vgaw I was the lucky winner of a copy of the 1910 Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co.'s magazine The Co-Operator, featuring the article, A Woman's Motor Trip Across the Continent by Alice H. Ramsey. This early account of Alice's journey is not included in the Bliss Bibliography of Transcontinental Auto Trips, and is a real find for me. My winning bid was $57.78. Check it out at: http://xrl.us/vga9 I was also the lucky winner of this heretofore unknown real photo postcard view of the Carroll Summit Station on old US 50 (Lincoln Highway, now bypassed) in NV, which I won at $68.00 (ouch): http://xrl.us/vgba Check out the two Lincoln Highway signs on this real photo view of the north side of Main St, in Montour, IA: http://xrl.us/vgbb A lot of three Texaco folding road maps including one for the Lincoln Highway featuring strip maps of the entire highway brought $56: http://xrl.us/vgbf A very nice lot of 19 vintage tourist brochures of Lake Tahoe closed at $207.06: http://xrl.us/vgbh A very worn and rusted embossed shield-shaped US 30 sign from Wyoming brought $169.50: http://xrl.us/vgbj That's all for now. See you soon in Fort Morgan. yer pal, ypsi-slm
  5. Dixie Highway news: Why this suddenly popped up on Time.com is sort of a mystery but perhaps they just recently provided access to their archive: "Monday, Oct. 19, 1925 Celebrating the completion of the Dixie Highway from Sault Ste. Marie to Miami, after ten years of labor by the Dixie Highway Association, a "motorcade" traveled southward over the highway last week, waving flags and making speeches." Well - I searched their archives and came up with this article about Ocala: http://xrl.us/vezc and another about Vandalia, OH - the intersection of the Dixie and National Highways, and the Amateur National Trapshooting Assoc.: http://xrl.us/vezf Anyone ever been to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL on the Dixie Highway? Looks like my kind of place. Check it out at: http://www.coralcastle.com/home.asp Norman Pepper fights to keep his giant catfish which advertises Pepper Tackle Shop on the Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY area, from the Courier-Journal.com: http://xrl.us/ve2j
  6. Pat, If you have add older version of Delorme's US Street Atlas (vers. 9 or earliers) I have an overlay file that contains the complete Indiana routing. Let me know. ypsi-slim
  7. Hey Folks, I posted a new Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter in the Lincoln Highway Forum. Check it out - thanks. ypsi-slim
  8. Holiday Greetings and welcome to the belated, but world's largest, Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter. Fifty degrees, no snow, and it rained all day today in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This lack of snow and warm weather is either caused by my wearing only a light jacket thus not jinxing the weather, or global warming. This edition rolls out some new features - Lincoln Highway Eats, Dixie Highway News, and perhaps the first Lincoln Highway YouTube video. Well, I've already made my motel reservations for next summer's National Lincoln Highway Association Conference in Fort Morgan, Colorado - so you should too! Read all about the conference at: http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/conference/2007/ I'm leaving on my winter road trip next Thursday - western route of the old Dixie Highway from South Bend to Louisville, then old US 31 all the way down to the Gulf Coast at Mobile, Alabama. Then old US 90 west through New Orleans to Houston. Then I'll be working in Austin for a week, and driving home through Dallas to Oklahoma City, and back on US 66. Any tips for must-sees and/or restaurants between Louisville through Houston are appreciated. Let's start things off with some tunes - check out New Music composer / performer Mark Rushton's Theme from the Lincoln Highway from his The Drivers Companion album. Its funky and engaging - I like it! It's a free download about halfway down the page at: http://www.markrushton.com/music/freemp3/index.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In October I had the honor, on behalf of the Lincoln Highway Association, of presenting a check for $3,000.00 to the University of Michigan Special Collections Library on October 4. These funds will enable the library to complete the project to digitize the photographic archive of the original Lincoln Highway Association. The digital capture and inclusion of the remaining 780 photographs in the web-based Lincoln Highway Digital Image Collection will ensure that the entire visual history of over 3,000 images of the early days of the Lincoln Highway will be available to the public. Transportation History Collection curator Kathleen Dow said that this generous gift will ensure that the entire visual history of the planning and building of this milestone in the history of American transportation will be easily available for consultation by researchers and scholars, while helping to preserve the original photographs. You can visit the online collection at: http://xrl.us/chp8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last issue I posted the link for the transcontinental Hupmobile trip on the Lincoln Highway as sent by Paul Gilger. http://www.sfmuseum.org/hist7/hupp.html Well - Van Becker sends an update: " Guys, the article from Paul re the Hupp Skylark was interesting, but the photo of the vehicle was very poor/small. I went on a bit of a search. The Skylark was a 1940 model for Hupp Mobile; 6 cyl, 101 hp. Pre-production pilot models began appearing in April 1939. Check the attached photo and notice the LH emblem on the door. I wonder if this was the car that made the trip. That's all. Just had to share." I've posted the pic on the net - check out that LH sign on the door at: http://www.indianalincolnhighway.com/page15.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book News: LHA Founder and Forum editor Gregory Franzwa's latest book from his Lincoln Highway Series has been published by his Patrice Press - The Lincoln Highway: California. http://www.patricepress.com/index.html Longtime LHA member, Lowell Nissley's book Lincoln Highway - The Road My Father Travelled was published earlier this year. The book was inspired by Lowell's father diary of his 1915 drive from eastern PA to San Francisco. It is full of wonderful illustrations including a photographic log of most existing Lincoln Highway concrete markers. The book is available from the Lincoln Highway Trading Post: http://xrl.us/tzia House by the Side of the Road, Stories of 20th Century farm life beside Illinois Lincoln Highway by Mrs. L. A. Abbott, edited by Susan Gidel and Jan Landow is out. This is a series of short stories recounting Morrison, IL farm life along the Lincoln Highway. You can order the book directly from Pines Publishing: http://www.pinespublishing.com/ Here's an article from Morrison Online about the farm and book: http://www.thecity1.com/features/1397.html USA Today in October ran a feature about Brian and Sarah Butko's Roadside Giants book: http://xrl.us/s3pw Last year they also had a story about LA roadside icons, including Brian and Sarah's book. Read more at: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-1...la-kitsch_x.htm From Arcadia Publishing's Postcard History Series comes Richard W. Funk's Along Pennsylvania's Lincoln Highway: http://xrl.us/tziq A new book is out - Motorcycling Across Ohio: A Guide, by William Murphy (Arbutus Press, $17.95). It features trips on the Lincoln, Dixie and National Highways: http://www.ohio.com/mld/ohio/living/travel/15851999.htm From Google's beta book search on the Lincoln Highway - The Book of Lincoln, Compiled by Mary Wright-Davis, Published 1919, George H. Doran company - Lincoln Highway by Woodbury Pulsifer(!): http://xrl.us/tzig Pages 343-344 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just figured out that Howard Hyde Russell's papers and photos are at the Bentley Historical Museum, on University of Michigan's North Campus. Russell was a Congregational minister and founder of the American Anti-Saloon League. The collection includes photographs of Russell and his companions on their "water wagon" tour along the Lincoln Highway. I'll have to check them out some winter day. Here's the link from U of M's Mirlyn system, this takes you to the search page, then search on Howard Hyde Russell: http://xrl.us/sqfy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've posted some information on the net about the Lincoln Highway concrete marker medallions: http://www.indianalincolnhighway.com/page13.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Feature - Lincoln Highway Eats - Highway Food: From DailySouthtown.com a reader writes, "Chicago-style dogs - I'm a long-time resident of Frankfort and I just want to comment on a new hot dog stand finally that opened up in our area on Lincoln Highway and 80th Avenue called "Hogs and Dogs." Finally we got a Chicago-style hot dog place in our area. They make it just like I remembered when I grew up on the Far South Side of Chicago. They also have beef sandwiches and they make home-made French fries from fresh potatoes they cut every day. I'm no relation to anybody who works there, but I just want to say we finally have a Chicago-style hot dog place in Frankfort, and if anybody has a taste for a true Chicago-style dog or a polish, I would recommend this place 100 percent. From Yahoo's Roadsidefans Discussion Group, Susan Levinson alerts us to Loveland, CO's Johnson's Corner Restaurant and Bakery, home of the World Famous Cinnamon Roll, open since 1952. "Travel & Leisure Magazine calls us “one of the top 10 BEST breakfast spots in the world.” And in 2004, the Food Network declared us one of the top five truck stops in the country." http://www.johnsonscorner.com/ Might be a stop for visitors attending next year's LHA Conference in Fort Morgan, CO. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A historic marker was placed on the Lincoln Highway in Gap this month to honor African-American inventor William Chester Ruth. Read more about it ParkesburgLedger.com: http://xrl.us/sqgs Lots of PA roadbuilding history in Westmoreland County, including the LH and the William Penn Highway in this Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article by Bob Cup: http://xrl.us/sqgu The BaltimoreSun.com carried this article about a clash of cultures along the Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA: http://xrl.us/sqhp The Discover Lancaster County History Museum on Lincoln Highway East will close after 37 years of operation, from Lancaster Online: http://local.lancasteronline.com/4/27708 From ydr.com: Oct 22, 2006 — The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will give a $33,500 grant to Abbottstown to revitalize Abbottstown Square with landscaping, benches, planters, a flagpole and a historical display of the original school house bell. From Pittsburgh's Post Gazette.com: The Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County has received a $50,000 grant from the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor for a master plan addressing land use management, transportation management and quality of life issues for 13 municipalities along the Lincoln Highway (Route 30) in Westmoreland County. Famous footsteps by Bob Cupp of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review covers some of the 2,000 distinctive blue and gold metal markers along the state's roads and highways for historical sites, including many on the Lincoln Highway: http://xrl.us/tzdh Check out the website for the historic Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, PA: http://www.jeanbonnettavern.com/index.html Pennsylvania's Mountain of Attractions' Lincoln Highway page: http://xrl.us/tzir ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dalton, OH celebrates its sesquicentennial (quietly) from IndieOnline.com: http://www.indeonline.com/index.php?ID=110...=0&Category The State of Ohio budget includes 14.7 million dollars for Stark County projects, many of which are Lincoln Highway related. Read about it at CantonRep.com: http://www.cantonrep.com/index.php?ID=323274&Category=9 What famous China Company, over 100 years old, is located right on the original routing of the Lincoln Highway? Why that's the Hall China Company in East Liverpool, OH. They are famous for their restaurant ware, promotional ware, and figural tea pots (most recently a Ronald Reagan teapot). They use a secret high temperature glaze that allows pieces to be used in the oven and freezer without crazing. I have pieces that are almost 75 years old and look almost new. Self-guided tours are available on weekdays at their factory, and an outlet shop is available. Some of their classic designs are now available on-line on their new retail website: http://www.hallclassics.com/ Their ball pitchers introduced in 1936 and produced in a multitude of colors, were used in thousands of restaurants over the years for ice water, and their design was widely copied by other companies. The regular company website with a map to the Hall Closet Outlet is at: http://www.hallchina.com/mainframe_home.html Mike Buettner, through the Ohio Lincoln Highway League's Buckeye Ramblings Newsletter, sends news of the coolest expressway overpass ever - the new Lincoln Highway Bridge over I-75 at Beaverdam, OH. "Although Lincoln Highway logo signs still need to be placed in the imitation brick pilasters of the structure, the sparkling new Lincoln Highway bridge at Beaverdam was opened to traffic in the early weeks of November 20006. The bridge is at the Exit 135 interchange of Interstate Route 75, with the Lincoln Highway portion of the grade separation now being part of State Route 696." Traffic on I-75 going under the bridge will see large Lincoln Highway signs on both sides of'the abutments in either direction. I will try to post some pictures of the bridge ASAP. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Indiana's hosting the Lincoln Highway Association conference in South Bend Indiana in June 2009. We're looking for people interested in the Dixie Highway history in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. As part of the LH Association national conference we'll be traveling from South Bend to Indianapolis to visit Carl Fisher sites. We'd like some talking points about the Dixie along the route as well as historic images and stories for the conference booklet and tour highlights. Anyone with Dixie Highway information or in participating in the conference, please contact Jan Shupert-Arick at janshupert@yahoo.com. Please type DIXIE HIGHWAY in the subject line. Thanks for your interest in the LH, the Dixie, and Carl Fisher! Valparaiso's Lincoln Highway rededication plans to be celebrated next year on Abe's birthday, from nwitimes.com: http://xrl.us/s3p7 Check out this video of a Lincoln Highway concrete marker donated to the city of Valparaiso, IN - to be preserved and re-erected soon, from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDYNbINADpk From Indiana's News Center comes more video of Patty Fisel's efforts to start the restoration of downtown Ligonier on Cavin St. - the Lincoln Highway (click the Video link): http://xrl.us/su5e Historic school is for sale on the Lincoln Highway outside of New Haven, IN from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/fortwayne/new...al/16237530.htm The Indiana LHA Chapter website has been updated - check it out at: www.IndianaLincolnHighway.com It includes the world's largest Lincoln Highway links page - All the Links to Lincolnway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get your kicks on Lincoln Highway - Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition plans a series of 20 educational gazebos along the Lincoln Highway. Read more about this great plan at SuburbanChicagoNews.com: http://xrl.us/su6n From BeaconNewsOnLine.com, Geneva gazebo to mark historic roadway, a story on the Lincoln Highway Gazebo planned for the city of Geneva: http://xrl.us/tzc5 Plainfield is working on their Lincoln Highway Gazebo too - from the HeraldNewsOnLine.com: http://xrl.us/tzdi DeKalb, IL is celebrating it's sesquicentennial: http://xrl.us/su57 Another article about DeKalb's big 150: http://www.star.niu.edu/articles/?id=33794 The Lincoln Highway mural is unveiled in DeKalb, from the Daily Chronicle: http://www.daily-chronicle.com/articles/20...ews/anews01.txt More DeKalb LH news - "In 1928, Mable Glidden sold flowers from a small garden on West Lincoln Highway. Jessie and Carter Glidden established Glidden Campus Florist in 1936 at 917 W. Lincoln Highway." It's still open - read more at MidWeek Business News: http://xrl.us/su53 Chicago's Seecago Tours offered two fall road trips that traversed portions of the historic Lincoln Highway. The first ran Oct. 7-8, round-trip from Tinley Park Ill., with stops at the Elwood House Museum and Mansion in DeKalb and the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home in Dixon, as well as a tour of Starved Rock State Park and a cruise on the Illinois River. Accommodations were at the Bavarian-style Lodge Hotel in Bettendorf, Iowa, with dinner and a murder-mystery play at the hotel's restaurant. A longer, more comprehensive version, went round-trip from Munster, Ind. Both trips were operated Seecago, but offered by different park districts in the Chicago area. Both these tours are advertised at Seecago's website: http://seecagotours.com/_wsn/page3.html Yahoo's RoadDog reports on Illinois Rt. 66's 80th anniversary celebration with a Lincoln Highway tie-in: "It was cold. It was blustery. In short, a touch on the miserable side, but that didn't stop about 40 intrepid 66ers from gathering at the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac. Illinois Association President John Miller was being interviewed for a film and we had plenty of sweets for the journey. I got to see Bob Waldemire's Illinois map mural which is still under construction. It is right by the bathrooms and, as I was videoing it, a guy walked out. That was an awkward moment. We then cruised north to the Standard station in Odell where we met John Weiss. He talked about the new preservation project in Lincoln at the Mill which will be undertaken in spring. Four very impressive new direction signs to the station will be put up this weekend. We were invited to take part in the Wilmington VFW's Veteran's Day observance and the dedication of that stretch of Route 66 in front of the post as a new Blue Star Memorial Highway. John Weiss said a few words about how 66's 80th birthday was the same day as Veterans Day. My wife and I left the caravan here and headed north to Joliet, past the old green giant. Took a quick tour of the fairly new Midewin Tall Grass Prairie headquarters on the site of the old Joliet Arsenal. In the near future, it will be the largest tall grass prairie in the US. We had a bite to eat at Mr. B's on 66, about a mile south of the 66 Speedway. If you like racing, 66, good food, and cheap drinks, this is the place for you. I recommend especially the mozzarella stuffed breadsticks and the absolutely huge pork tenderloin sandwiches. Then on to the Joliet Museum where we had three dedications and sang happy birthday to the Mother Road. President Miller got to meet the president of the Illinois Lincoln Highway Association, Wayne Silvius. The first dedication was outside and it is a street sculpture of Route 66 with different aspects of it incorporated into it: the road in Joliet, Chain of Rocks Bridge, Blue Swallow, an automobile, a Dust Bowl father holding his child and so forth. Then we had the dedication of an original Lincoln Highway marker in the fountain garden. John Weiss was master of ceremonies as he had a lot to do with the acquisition of it from IDOT. Most of these were installed across the whole length of the Lincoln on the same day in 1928. A group of four "model" Boy Scouts toured the whole length of Lincoln to spread the word of the marker project and to show off scouting skills. One of them, Mark Hughes was from Joliet. A relative of his is still in scouting in Joliet, but unfortunately was unable to attend. Then, Lenore Weiss, dedicated the impressive new Route 66 map mural by Jerry McClannahan. It shows the road through all eight states with landmarks along the way. Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the Grand Island Independent: Downtown Joins Lincoln Highway Association (requires free login): http://www.theindependent.com/stories/1117...w_byway17.shtml The Nebraska Department of Roads, NDOR, has a lot of great historical information on their website at: http://www.dor.state.ne.us/history/index.htm Be sure to click on the Lincoln Highway link, and check out the publicity and graphics, about the new signing of the Lincoln Highway Byway: http://www.dor.state.ne.us/history/lincolnhwy.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From WyomingNews.com - an article about the Ames Monument outside of Cheyenne (one of the Great Pyramids of the Lincoln Highway): http://xrl.us/tzbx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Tooele Transcript Online covers Gregory Franzwa's Alice's Drive, the republishing of Alice Ramsey's memoir of her cross country auto trip from 1909: http://xrl.us/su5o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Rosevillept.com comes an article about Eddie Lang, "Mr. 40": http://xrl.us/tzao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vintage road maps a window on their time, by Phil Patton of the NY Times, from the San Francisco Chronicle: http://xrl.us/tzdg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dixie Highway News http://www.dixiehighway.org/ is the home page of the Dixie Highway Association, a cooperative tourism project formed to promote the Dixie Highway from Ringgold to Marietta Square in Georgia. Be sure to download their brochure - it is a large pdf so prepare for a little delay. Checkout this article on old US 41 - the Dixie Highway from the managing editor of the Murfreesboro Post (Murfreesboro, Tennessee): http://www.murfreesboropost.com/news.php?viewStory=601 Answers.com wikipedia page on the Dixie Highway has a lot of great info and pictures, including a routing summary. Interestingly, someone has figured out that in 1925 the Dixie Highway was 5,786 miles long, making it America's longest highway. This length, of course, was only achieved because of the highway's parallel routes, doglegs and loops. http://www.answers.com/topic/dixie-highway Some of the enlargement links for the pictures don't work, but they do at this site: http://xrl.us/tzaa I especially like: Image:Dixie Highway across RR in Dania.jpg http://xrl.us/tzab The billboard shows drivers how to make the on-grade railroad crossing. *This photo is from the Florida Memory Project which includes 128,500 scanned and online images: http://www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/ This site needs some more exploration. The Historic Dixie Highway Arch in Stuart, FL was restored to it's 1926 condition and rededicated on November 22. Read more about it at TCPalm.com: http://xrl.us/tzcm It is located at between 2369 and 2390 Northeast Dixie Highway at Jensen Beach. On September 15, 2004 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. From Google's beta book search on the Dixie Highway - Public School Methods, Chicago: The Methods Co., 1917 - Chapter Seven - A Trip Over the Dixie Highway: http://xrl.us/tzin Pages 449-459 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Auctions OK - here's the ebay Lincoln Highway auction of the year - the second known set of large broadsides, probably the first published items of the Lincoln Highway Association from 1913 - An Appeal to Patriots, and Proclamation of Route of Lincoln Highway. Despite the fact that over 70,000 of these were printed virtually none have survived - true ephemera. This set was part of a collection that was displayed at a now closed Ford Dealership in Rochester, MI. In addition to these posters, the seller also separately offered a 1924 Official Guide to the Lincoln Highway, and the large 1920 booklet - A Picture of Progress on the Lincoln Way. The posters, in excellent condition were offered unframed, and bidding closed at $4,150. University of Michigan Special Collections Library lost out when their bid of $4,000 failed in their attempt to add these important documents missing from their original Lincoln Highway Association archive. Checkout the auction page at: http://xrl.us/tzhy Back up plan - I have the other known set of these broadsides, and have decided to donate them to U of M within the next two years. I had them archively matted and framed, and they are on display outside of my cubicle at work. LHA members may remember I brought them for display at the LHA National Conference in Chester, WV. The 1924 guides was a bargain when it closed at only $110.28: http://xrl.us/tzh2 I was the lucky winner of the 1920 booklet at $115.63: http://xrl.us/tzh3 Well, in honor of that other Ypsilantian, Preston Tucker, I have a bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Tucker" and a few models. But it doesn't look like I'm getting a real one, at least not on my Civil Servant's budget. The Tucker Club reports, "SOLD! TUCKER #1038 SELLS AT AUCTION: RM Auctions, Inc. of Blenheim, Ontario, Canada, auctioned Tucker #1038 during the firm’s Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction in Monterey, CA last month. The car reportedly sold for $577,500 plus auction fees." The #1038 is the serial number but keep in mind that this is one of only 51 that were built. You can check out some great pics of this ride at: http://www.rmauctions.com/AuctionResults.cfm?SaleCode=MO06# Scroll down to lot 458 and click on 1948 Tucker Torpedo Ebay: The historic Herring Hotel, a Lincoln Highway landmark in Belle Plaine, Iowa is for sale on ebay for $40,000. Lyell Henry wants me to take an early retirement, move to Iowa and run this hotel on the Lincoln Highway. Ok - let's see - 1st floor is my Lincoln Highway Museum with the all the non-paper stuff U of M doesn't want, 2nd floor - slim's International House of Stuff featuring thousands of vintage record albums, books, postcards and ephemera, 3rd floor - bachelor pad. Make your bid at: http://xrl.us/sqhj This rare real photo postcard view of Bedford, PA's Coffee Pot Restaurant closed at $253.90 http://xrl.us/tze8 A lucky LHA member from Iowa snagged this snapshot of a similar Coffee Pot shaped restaurant in Iowa (anyone know where?): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=230028047174 I was the luck winner on a mini-cigar box for the Yellowstone Trail cigar: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270029648069 This fits in nicely with my little collection of highway related cigar boxes which also includes the Lincoln Highway, Dixie Highway and National Highway! A 1942 real photo postcard of the lookout building at Donner Pass went for $169.48! (sorry no pic): http://xrl.us/tzfb Check out this Hall China automobile-shaped teapot in canary yellow. It attracted 14 bids and closed at $302.43: http://xrl.us/tzff This rarely seen hand-colored printed postcard of the Otter Hotel in Ashland, OH brought $90: http://xrl.us/tzfh A printed black & white postcard of the Lincoln Restaurant from Boone, IA closed at $22.05: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=110035443369 A real photo postcard of Ezra Meeker off the Oregon Trail at the Alamo was popular and closed at $102.50: http://xrl.us/tzfj A 1923 map of the National Old Trails Road through Colorado closed at $79.89: http://xrl.us/tzfk The ever popular Staffordshire china souvenir plate from the Grandview Ship Hotel on the Lincoln Highway in PA brought $75.88: http://xrl.us/tzfw A brass watch fob from the Yellowstone Trail Association attracted 34 bids and closed at $355.98 (sorry no pics): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290031671150 A scarce printed postcard of the Joseph Massetti Gulf gas station in Ardmore, PA brought $46.05: http://xrl.us/tzfy A real photo postcard of the famous Lincoln Highway bridge in Tama, IA closed at $53.53: http://xrl.us/tzfz Another real photo view from the same seller of the LH west entrance pillars in Tama brought $34.33: http://xrl.us/tzf2 An unusual 3-part advertising postcard from the gas pump manufacturer S F Bowser from Fort Wayne, IN brought $28.27: http://xrl.us/tzf4 A popular printed postcard of the Lincoln Highway signing crew, advertising Pattons' Sun-Proof Paint, closed at $64.22: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290036598738 A wooden arrow sign to Idlewild Park, on the LH in Ligonier, PA brought $207.50: http://xrl.us/tzgb A real photo postcard of a lookout building at Echo Summit on US 50 in California closed at $101.50: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290036905840 An advertising cigar cutter from the Lincoln Highway Garage in Lisbon, Ohio brought $38: http://xrl.us/tzgc Perhaps the scarcest postcard of the SS Grand View Ship Hotel - a real photo interior view of the dining room, closed at $147.50: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=140042201627 A 1926 official State Highway map of West Virginia brought $102.50: http://xrl.us/tzge A tin sign from the Lincoln Highway Garage in Rawlins, WY closed at $141.38 (an unused stash of these must exist as quite a few have shown up on ebay): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=160043352612 A nice real photo view of the Trading Post Donut Shop at Donner Lake closed at $37.99: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290042506321 A real photo postcard of Shorty's Place on the LH near Breezewood, PA brought $56.59: http://xrl.us/tzgf A Parker Brothers Lincoln Highway board game in nice shape with a good condition box, and apparently unused attracted 20 bids and closed at $219.50 (sorry no pics): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220041280239 A nice set of real photo stereoviews of the Lincoln Highway west from Omaha, from the Keystone Company brought $150 ($5 each): http://xrl.us/tzgh A 1928 Official State Highway map of Illinois in good condition only surprisingly closed at $152.50: http://xrl.us/tzgj A 1918 Official Guide to the Lincoln Highway with a bright cover was popular fielding 17 bid and bringing $256.98: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=160043384858 An SS Grand View Ship Hotel room key fob brought $88.59 (sorry no pics): http://xrl.us/tzgk A Southern California Auto Club porcelain sign for the Zion Park Highway / Arrowhead Trail, 15" closed at $3,159.99: http://xrl.us/tzgm A later shield shaped US 50 sign from Colorado brought $248.50: http://xrl.us/tzgn A matchcover from the Airport Lodge in Ely, NV closed at $27.11: http://xrl.us/tzgo A shield shaped Nevada US 95 sign with a couple of bullet holes closed at $1,525: http://xrl.us/tzgp A 1920 Official Automobile Blue Book, Vol. 8 covering CA, NV, UT and AZ brought $102.60: http://xrl.us/tzgr A fairly new, not uncommon, printed black and white postcard of the Lincoln Highway in Wayne, PA went for $112.02 (?): http://xrl.us/tzgs A 1939 World's Fair Lincoln Highway map closed at $71: http://xrl.us/tzgu A printed postcard of the Northern Hotel in Ely, NV brought $67: http://xrl.us/tzgv A 1921 Official Guide to the Lincoln Highway in fair condition attracted 22 bids and closed at $100: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=230063967904 A real photo postcard of the Giant Mills gas station in Galesburg, IL, a scarce view, garnered 15 bids and closed at $102.50: http://xrl.us/tzgy A 1928 road map from the General Gasoline company of Northern California brought $63.98: http://xrl.us/tzg4 An embossed steel shield shaped Illinois US 24 sign went for $203.50: http://xrl.us/tzg6 A 1929 Official State Highway map of New Mexico brought $225.50: http://xrl.us/tzg7 A scarce real photo view of the 1926 Sacramento - Davis Causeway went for $48.77 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220060755450 And another different view from the same dealer went for $21.51 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220060755404 A 20th Anniversary plastic toothpick holder in the shape of the Little Tavern Shop hamburger restaurant building from 1947 closed at $227.76: http://xrl.us/tzg8 A quart milk bottle from the Lincoln Highway Dairy in Delphos, OH brought $52.76: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=320061795053 A 4" Goodrich porcelain license plate tag brought $68.80: http://xrl.us/tzha A 1916 TIB Automobile Route Book for Minnesota-Wisconsin closed at $103: http://xrl.us/tzis Whew......that's all for now. yer pal, ypsi-slim
  9. The Historic Dixie Highway Arch in Stuart, FL was restored to it's 1926 condition and rededicated on November 22. Read more about it at TCPalm.com: http://xrl.us/tzcm It is located at between 2369 and 2390 Northeast Dixie Highway at Jensen Beach. On September 15, 2004 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  10. http://www.dixiehighway.org/ is the home page of the Dixie Highway Association, a cooperative tourism project formed to promote the Dixie Highway from Ringgold to Marietta Square in Georgia. Be sure to download their brochure - it is a large pdf so prepare for a little delay.
  11. Answers.com wikipedia page on the Dixie Highway has a lot of great info and pictures, including a routing summary. Interestingly, someone has figured out that in 1925 the Dixie Highway was 5,786 miles long - making it America's longest highway. This length, of course, was only achieved because of the highway's parallel routes, doglegs and loops. http://www.answers.com/topic/dixie-highway Some of the enlargement links for the pictures don't work, but they do at this site: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:...ghway&go=Go I especially like: Image:Dixie Highway across RR in Dania.jpg http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Di...RR_in_Dania.jpg The billboard shows drivers how to make the on-grade railroad crossing. *This photo is from the Florida Memory Project which includes 128,500 scanned and online images: http://www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/ This site needs some more exploration.
  12. Checkout this article on old US 41 - the Dixie Highway from the managing editor of the Murfreesboro Post, (Murfreesboro, Tennessee): http://www.murfreesboropost.com/news.php?viewStory=601 ypsi-slim
  13. I cut and pasted the E-newletter in the text area. The hyperlinks appeared as regular text. But when I went to the preview mode the links were underlined and all worked. The only problem is that they are in black - not another color. I don't know if there is a setting change for this - but it's not a big deal. ypsi-slim
  14. Hey Folks, I posted a new Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter in the Lincoln Highway Forum. Check it out - thanks. ypsi-slim
  15. [editor's note - all underlined Internet links work, but for some reason didn't come out colored] Hey - It's back - your Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter. I hope everyone had a great summer, and were able to take some roadtrips. The American Road Magazine's Yahoo group discussion forum has been closed, and is now replaced by the American Road Foundation's own forum site: http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/index.php? I will be moderating the Lincoln and Dixie Highway forums on this site. Please take the time to register and peruse the site. Unlike Yahoo which pushed out all new e-mail if desired, the new site requires you to login and read postings on line. You can, though, get e-mail notification of new postings. It includes a lot of options to personalize your experience, and a photo gallery to post your pictures. Anyone needing assistance logging in to the new Forum can contact Becky Repp for assistance via e-mail. becky@americanroadmagazine.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Toshio Koshimizu's Lincoln Highway trip website was hacked into by pro-Hezbollah sympathizers who posted grisly pictures purported to be victims of the recent Mideast conflict. We have removed these links in the last newsletter posted to the Lincoln Highway Association website. Toshio now has a more secure web hosting service. The re-posted trip pics are at: http://isao-net.com/driving/LINCOLN/index.html Koshimizu's Lincoln Highway itinerary as originally posted on the American Road's Yahoo group: "The followings are our schedule and driving distance for each day: June 5 (Mon) Tokyo - New York (NY) - Newark(NJ) 57 miles 6 (Tue) Newark - Trenton(NJ) - Paradise(PA) 157 miles 7 (Wed) Paradise - Lancaster(PA) - Greensburg(PA) 228 miles 8 (Thur) Greensburg - Chester(WV) - Wooster(OH) 196 miles 9 (Fri) Wooster - Upper Sandusky(OH) - Fort Wayne(IN) 213 miles 10 (St) Fort Wayne (stay) 31 miles 11 (Sun) Fort Wayne - South Bend(IN) - Schererville(IN) 194 miles 12 (Mon) Schererville - Rochelle(IL) - Clinton(IA) 195 miles 13 (Tue) Clinton - Cedar Rapids(IA) - Marshalltown(IA) 192 miles 14 (Wed) Marshalltown - Ames(NE) - Omaha(NE) 225 miles 15 (Thur) Omaha (stay) 39 miles 16 (Fri) Omaha - Grand Island(NE) - Lexington(NE) 276 miles 17 (Sat) Lexington - North Platte(NE) - Sidney(NE) 231 miles 18 (Sun) Sidney - Cheyenne(WY) - Laramie(WY) 180 miles 19 (Mon) Laramie - Medicine Bow(WY) - Rock Springs(WY) 255 miles 20 (Tue) Rock Springs - Evanston(WY) - Salt Lake City(UT) 201 miles 21 (Wed) Salt Lake City (stay) 92 miles 22 (Thur) Salt Lake City - Tooele(UT) - Wendover(UT) 239 miles 23 (Fri) Wendover - Ely(NV) - Eureka(NV) 246 miles 24 (Sat) Eureka - Fallon(NV) - Sparks(NV) 249 miles 25 (Sun) Sparks - Donner Pass(CA) - Sacramento(CA) 166 miles 26 (Mon) Sacramento - Vallejo(CA) - San Francisco(CA) 120 miles 27 (Tue) San Francisco (stay) 46 miles 28 (Wed) San Francisco - 15 miles to Airport 29 (Thur) - Tokyo Total 25 days, 4,043 miles" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was saddened to hear of Cecil Reed's passing, just weeks after his being presented as Member of the Year by the Lincoln Highway Association at the National Conference in Cedar Rapids, IA. Cecil was the 14th Life Member of the Association, and ran the Sepia Motel in the '50s on the Lincoln Highway in Cedar Rapids. Here's an article from Cedar Rapids Gazette, 8/15/2006 passed along by Van & Bev Becker: Reed's Life Full of Milestones First black elected to Legislature had long, varied career By Steve Gravelle, The Gazette CEDAR RAPIDS - Cecil Reed's family was still learning of his accomplishments Monday. "I just found out today about that, " Sandy Reed, Cecil's daughter-in-law, said after learning he once owned and operated a broiler chicken processing plant. "He was a busy man, and used his time well," said son Richard Reed, Sandy's husband. The death Monday of Cecil Reed, 92, marked the loss of another connection to the state's and the nation's history. Cecil Reed, the first African American and the only black Republican elected to the Iowa House, was 50 when the federal Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1964. "Before that, they wouldn't let me do anything," Cecil Reed recalled in a 2005 interview. Born in Collinsville, Ill., Cecil Reed and his family moved to Iowa with his father's railroad job around the time of World War I. He graduated from high school in Cedar Rapids and worked first as a shoeshine boy, then as a cook, waiter, bartender, janitor and carpenter. In addition to that broilerchicken operation, he and a sister worked as a dance team in the 1930s, and he played bass in his orchestra. In 1949, he became the first African-American Chamber of Commerce member in Iowa. By the early 1950s, he had established his own floor-refinishing service and a business selling building maintenance supplies. When the Reed family took a trip west, white innkeepers refused to lodge them. That led to the 1953 opening of the Sepia Motel, open to everyone at Bertram and Mount Vernon roads with Evelyn Reed listed as proprietor. Residents of Cecil Reed's majority-white legislative district urged him to run, Sandy Reed said. "That's what gave him the courage to do it, " she said. "It wasn't easy, but he was such a personable and distinguished man, he won people over." Cecil Reed's legislative career lasted just one term. Democratic Gov. Harold Hughes appointed him to the Iowa Employment Security Commission, launching a second career in government service. He was later appointed regional administrator for the Department of Labor and an assistant administrator for the Jobs Corp. The government jobs took Cecil and Evelyn Reed to Kansas City, Mo., for several years, but they returned around 2000. "I just wanted to come home," he said in his 2005 interview. "I have wonderful, wonderful friends here." Cecil Reed also helped develop an African-American history course for Des Moines schools that became a model for other Iowa districts. The University of Iowa Press published his autobiography, "Fly in the Buttermilk," in 1993. Reed received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award from the local branch of the NAACP in 2002, the same year he was named a Freedom Festival Hero. He was named the Lincoln Highway Association's Man of the Year just two weeks ago, Richard Reed said. After Cecil Reed was diagnosed with cancer this spring, he briefly lived in a nursing facility but later returned home. "He wanted to be surrounded by his home and books," said Sandy Reed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The AASHTO Convoy reenactment website celebrating the 50th anniversary of the US Interstate system has pdf files of the Convoy Commemorative Program and Convoy Manual for download. There are also links to a daily webcast, and the 18 stops. Check it out at: http://www.interstate50th.org/reenactment.shtml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AltoonaMirror.com has an article and interview with artist Kevin Kutz about his new book Kevin Kutz’s Lincoln Highway, recently published by Stackpole Books: http://www.altoonamirror.com/Life/articles...?articleID=3716 Some reviews from Stackpole's site: "His acute impressionistic paintings are a visual record of history, reinterpreted through memory and the hand of the artist, a combination of lore and fact, folk and sophisticate, ideal and actual." --Mary Thomas, from the introduction "The expert craftsmanship and keen storytelling in his body of work make it a notable addition to our disappearing roadside culture and, even more so, to the world of art." --John Baeder, painter and author of Diners, Sign Language, and Gas, Food & Lodging ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Historic Princeton, NJ stone bridge, on Quaker Road, reopens after repairs, part of the Kings Highway (Upper Road and Lincoln Highway) Historic District: http://xrl.us/rrsh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PennLive.com suggests fall foliage tours in PA along the Lincoln Highway and US 6: http://xrl.us/rrsd ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lisbon, OH is having it's Johnny Appleseed festival this weekend: http://www.vindy.com/content/local_regiona...78620170295.php ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lincoln Highway Garage Sale this year extended past the Ohio Lincoln Highway Byway though both LH routes in Indiana. Like last year it garnered a lot of publicity and participation. Perhaps next year it will expand into Illinois, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 2007 dates have been announced for August 9, 10 and 11 2007. Check out the Ohio site: www.historicbyway.com and see how we can get people involved next year. Here's one of the articles on this year's shindig from Ohio.com: http://www.ohio.com/mld/ohio/news/15211302.htm And another from Van Wert, OH's TimesBulletin.com: http://xrl.us/q399 And another from Lisbon, OH's vindy.com: http://www.vindy.com/content/local_regiona...74470214466.php and from Massillon's IndeOnline.com: http://www.indeonline.com/index.php?ID=948...&Category=1 Here's an article from Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette, Hoosiers can join in 400-mile garage sale, with an inset map of the LH routes in Indiana: http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/journalgazett...ng/15241341.htm Watch a TV story about the yardsale in IN from WNDU channel 16 in South Bend, click the link for "Watch Broadband Video": http://www.wndu.com/news/082006/news_52021.php Here's an article from the South Bend Tribune: Garage sale with history - Event promotes Lincoln Way and its days as highway across U.S. JIM MEENAN, Tribune Staff Writer SOUTH BEND -- Today, to many, what is now called Lincoln Way in South Bend and Mishawaka is simply a road that with an interruption or two will take you across South Bend and Mishawaka. But to those with an appreciation of history, and knowledge of its past, Lincoln Way East and West is much, much more. Long before a Holiday Inn, a rest stop or even a simple sign on a highway telling you how much farther you had to go to reach the next town, there were things like tourist homes, where travelers spent the night in townsfolks' homes, and hotels that were control stations, where they learned how far they still had to go to reach their destination. It happened on a coast to coast highway called Lincoln Highway. That same Lincoln Highway is Lincoln Way today. Trying to celebrate that rich history the Lincoln Highway Yard Sale Days were held last week across Indiana and Ohio. South Bend held the garage sale Friday and Saturday. "The whole purpose is to draw attention to the historic corridor," said Jan Shupert-Arick, Indiana director of the Lincoln Highway Association. "In Indiana we are working to have the Lincoln Highway routes (there are two) designated as historic byways." Such a designation would create signage put it on maps, she said. "People don't realize it was part of the first coast-to-coast road in the U.S.," Shupert-Arick said of the Indiana sections of the road. "The whole movement is to preserve what we can along America's historic corridors."It didn't exactly feel that way to some of those holding garage sales. Marlena Wilson, and her mother, Loretto Pellow, set up shop on Lincoln Way and Knoblock in South Bend, not far from the airport at Wilson's front yard. "We got back in town and had a flier in our mailbox about the Lincoln Way Yard Sale, so we just knew it was the best time to do it with all the advertising already out," Wilson said. Neither she nor her mother knew about the reason behind the sale. But they were pleased to be a part of it. "Definitely," Pellow said. "Now that we have found out about it. "Much farther east, Consuealla Hopkins set up shop in front of her business, Consuella's Accounting and Tax Service. "So far so good," she said Friday morning the first day of the two day sale on Lincoln Way. "We are meeting a lot of people from the neighborhood, stopping by and it's early and we are already doing well." Baskets, linens, home furnishings and dresses were among her offerings with the proceeds going to The Church of Jesus Christ. A member of the Lincoln Way Steering Committee, she knew the reason behind the sales that dotted the road. "And when we found out about it, we definitely wanted to do our part to promote Lincoln Way." John Oxian, chairman of the land use and marketing committee of the Lincoln Way West Steering Committee, was happy to get Lincoln Way behind the two-state effort if just to promote the local end of the road. "We are just trying to publicize Lincoln Way West and if it's successful, put (the garage sale) on every year," he said. (August 9-11, 2007) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grassroots Indiana State Byway and Heritage Corridor Mini-Conference: An effort to strengthen preservation and promotion along Indiana's historic and scenic corridors. Who: INRA, Ohio River Scenic Byway, Historic Pathways, and the other up and coming potential state byways and heritage corridors. Please notify me of your attendance. What: The (Grassroots Initiated) Indiana Byway Mini Conference. Donations for lunch are accepted, otherwise, there is no charge. When: Friday, September 22, 10:00-3:00, includes special ceremony for the IHP byway after the conference. Where: Bedford Downtown Convention Center, 931 15th Street. This is a 1950s JCPenny store, parking is on the street, around the adjacent Courthouse Square, and in a nearby parking lot behind the building Why: We are trying to raise awareness about how scenic byways may assist in preserving and promoting our unique historic and cultural resources, building a stronger relationship with our State government partners, and sharing ideas about sustainability and stronger byway organizations. Feel free to pass this onto anyone else who may be interested in attending. Let me know if you have further questions, Joseph Jarzen Executive Director Indiana National Road Association P.O. Box 284 Cambridge City, IN 47327 765.478.3172 765.478.3410 (fax) inra@historiclandmarks.org www.indiananationalroad.org Indiana Main Street/Cornelius O'Brien Preservation Conference will be held in Wabash, Indiana September 28-30, 2006. Sessions relating to cultural tourism, courthouses, main streets and historic corridors will be relevant to anyone interested in preserving sites and interpreting the history of the Lincoln Highway through Indiana towns. The conference will be held in Wabash, Indiana, and includes an evening at the Richard E. Ford estate. It's a great preservation learning opportunity and a wonderful setting along the Wabash River Corridor. Come make new like-minded preservation friends from across the region! For more information: http://www.in.gov/dnr/historic/obrien.html "My name is Marilyn Ambos and I am President of the Dyer Chamber of Commerce. We are hoping to do replicate a town sign from the 1920's for the town. We have a photo of the Ideal Highway sign with the mileage to San Francisco and New York, as many of the signs did. Are you aware of any grants that might apply to our project? I would appreciate your assistance in this effort." [ed. note - these folks would like to reerect the famous Ideal Section Billboard in Dyer. What a great idea! Anyone have any suggestions for funding?] I recently found out about the new RV / MH Museum and Library in Elkhart. Haven't had the opportunity to visit yet but plan to soon as I am frequently in Northern Indiana. Here's a link to their website: http://www.rv-mh-hall-of-fame.org/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new group in Dekalb has plans to revitalize downtown along the Lincoln Highway Corridor: http://www.daily-chronicle.com/articles/20...news/news01.txt DeKalb's Lincoln Highway Arch is back - On a mural: http://xrl.us/rrq4 The Beacon News Online reports about a survey of North Aurora residents. "When asked to rank the village's goals, the majority rated "enhance Lincoln Highway" as most important or second-most important": http://xrl.us/rrrc Yahoo's Roaddog reports on some Illinois Lincoln Highway doin's: "We've got big L-H doings here in Illinois during the weekend of August 25-27 and it will involve a stretch of the highway through downtown Dekalb being closed to traffic those days for the annual Cornfest celebration. At the same time, the town of Rochelle, about twenty miles west, will also be having their annual Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival. Dekalb's Cornfest bills itself as one of the last free music festivals in Illinois and annually draws 50,000 people. Besides the music, Saturday from 11 AM to 2, they have free sweetcorn, always a treat and at that price that'll help offset the price of gas to get there. Among music offerings there will be the Pirates Over 40 Jimmy Buffett tribute band, and Hi Infidelity band that evening. Sunday, a great blues band, Howard & the White Boys kicks it off, then the Fabulous Janes, followed by Survivor, yes the "Eye of the Tiger" band capping it off. Along with rides and food there will be the 32nd annual Saturday in the Park antique car gathering and bus tours of historic Dekalb. Meanwhile, right down the road, Rochelle is having their Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival. This year's theme is Agriculture Then and Now. Music headliners will be Toad Soup on Friday, Trash 80s on Saturday, and Silver Creek Band on Sunday. Saturday there will be a car and tractor/truck show. On Sunday old planes do a fly-in and a parade is slated for 3 PM." For more info: Dekalb: http://www.cornfest.com/ Rochelle: http://www.lincolnhighwayheritagefestival.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On September 1st a replica LH concrete marker was erected and dedicated by the Blair Historic Preservation Alliance in Blair, Nebraska. This commemorates the 1929 routing of the LH incorporating the Blair Bridge, and represents the final realignment of the highway: http://xrl.us/rrq2 From the Columbus, NE Telegraph, Columbus may see benefit from new interest in Lincoln Highway: http://xrl.us/rrqf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take a walking tour of Fallon, NV including "Overland Hotel, constructed in 1907 and now on Nevada's Register of Historic Places; across the street is the Fallon (Coverston) Garage, built in 1911. Both sites served travelers on the Lincoln Highway." as reported by the Fallon Star Press: http://xrl.us/q2s8 More walking along the Lincoln Highway - a Lake Tahoe walking trail from the Nevada Appeal: http://xrl.us/rrqi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LHA Online Mapmeister Paul Gilger sends along this great article from the Virtual San Francisco website about a 1939 59 hour cross-country tour on the LH in a Hupmobile piloted by LHA Vice-President Austin Bement: http://www.sfmuseum.org/hist7/hupp.html The LHA California Chapter newsletter, The Traveler, summer ed. reports, "As of May 2006 the stately Black Walnut trees that once lined Grantline Road west of Tracy, CA no longer exist. They fell prey to the developer's bulldozer and will soon be replaced by a four lane parkway with center meridian. These trees were planted on Feb. 22, 1923 by the Tracy Chamber of Commerce and local civic organizations, and were donated by the State Bureau of Forestry. The trees were planted from the Alameda County line (west of Tracy) to Paradise Cut (on Tracy's east side) a total of 14 miles. Within the next several years the planting extended east to Stockton. Some of the trees remain on Harlan Road. The developer has promised to incorporate Lincoln Highway signs in the masonry facades to be erected at both ends of the parkway. One will be at the intersection of Grantline Road and Mountain House Parkway and the other on Grantline Road at the Alameda County line." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LHA President Bob Lichty sends along this link to an article from the Virginia Pilot on the Lincoln Highway by Earl Swift, with great photos: http://xrl.us/rrqd Click "Continuation" at the top to go to the next page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Photographer Debra Drower's FlickR pages includes some great Lincoln Highway Roadside images. Check 'em out at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drower/tags/lincoln/_ http://www.flickr.com/photos/drower/tags/lincoln/ If you click on the heading "Debra Drower's photos" you can see more of her roadside views. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Road Scholar' gives his family a lesson in travel, via road trips including the Lincoln Highway and Route 66, from the NewsTimeLive. com, Danbury, CT: http://www.newstimeslive.com/news/story.php?id=1014022 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "To be able to safely and pleasurably ride a bicycle from Boston to San Francisco is one of the main goals of the National Bicycle Greenway" reports IndyBay.org in their coverage of the 2006 Mayors' Ride for the National Bicycle Greenway. Martin Krieg, author and promoter of the Greenway sees a lot of parallels between the Greenway and the Lincoln Highway. Read about it at: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/07/25/18291345.php Also check out the Greenway website at: http://www.bikeroute.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This just in - a very important Internet research tool: More amazing Internet stuff - Google recently released it's Beta search of books on-line. I tried it with "Lincoln Highway" as the search terms, with the following results: http://xrl.us/rrre Though many of the links are just a bibliographic reference, a lot of the material is actually on-line. The first link, the 1921 Congressional Interstate Highway Hearing is available. Starting on page 217 is Gael Hoag's testimony regarding the Lincoln Highway: http://xrl.us/rrrj The second link, Public School Methods, discusses a trip along the Dixie Highway: http://xrl.us/rrrm The fourth link is a 1918 Practical Bibliography, List of Books on Automobiles and Motorcycles by Arthur R. (Arthur Reed) Blessing, "This list ... aims to include all books on the subject printed in the English language....: http://xrl.us/rrrp Check out The Lynching Bee: And Other Poems by William Ellery Leonard, including A War-Movie, "Reel One, At Jackson Corners, on Lincoln Highway Down there in God's own Country, "I 'way"..... http://xrl.us/rrru This is a tremendous resource providing a way to quickly search, index, and read the growing library of scanned on-line books. Everyone who has time needs to start searching - who knows what you will find. For material on-line you can turn the pages with the arrows underneath the text, or jump to a page. You can start a search at: http://books.google.com/books? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pretty soon over 56,000, 1:24k scale digital topographic maps produced by the USGS will be available for download free on the Internet thanks to Jared. Read more about it at: http://ransom.redjar.org/original_page.html and at: http://libre.redjar.org/maps/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day, 8/17/2006: thank-you-ma'am \THANK-yoo-mam\ noun : a bump or depression in a road; especially : a ridge or hollow made across a road on a hillside to cause water to run off Example sentence: "That night on the way home, thinking of his pleasant visit, he was suddenly shaken out of his tranquility ... when his touring car hit a 'thank-you-ma'am' in the unpaved road." (Hugh Manchester, Centre Daily Times [state College, PA], August 22, 2000) Did you know? "Thank-you-ma'am" might seem like an odd name for a bump in the road, but the expression makes a little more sense if you imagine the motion your head would make as you drove over such an obstacle. Most likely, the jarring would make you nod involuntarily. Now think of the nodding gesture you make when you're thanking someone or acknowledging a favor. The "thank-you-ma'am" road bump is believed to have received its name when someone noted the similarity of those two head bobbing motions. It's a colloquialism particular to American English, and its earliest printed use is found in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1849 prose piece, Kavanagh: "We went like the wind over the hollows in the snow; — the driver called them 'thank-you-ma'ams,' because they make every body bow." *Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An article about the defranchising of exterior corridor motels from HotelsInteractive.com, covers a short history of roadside lodging: http://xrl.us/rrra ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chicago Tribune readers recall fond memories of road trips: http://xrl.us/rrrb ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I collect vintage postcards, ephemera and books of "transcontinentalists", everything from people who walked across the country (or around the world) bicycled, roller-skated, animal drawn to cross-country auto trip narratives. I am continually amazed at the current activity in this vein: From the Delphos Herald: " Cross-country rider Gary Jakacky, 52, of Oregon paused in Delphos briefly Friday on his way to visit relatives in Rhode Island. Jakacky, a stock market trader, first started riding cross country at the age of 26 and chooses different parts of the United States to tour each summer. Jakacky, who had been riding on Lincoln Highway, was delighted by the many garage sales on his route. Equipped with refreshments and a spare tire Friday, he continued on his way, hoping to complete his average daily 60 miles and reach Kenton Friday evening. http://www.delphosherald.com/page2.php?sto...083&archive Here's an article about the 30th Anniversary Cross-Country bike trip organized by Adventure Cycling, from the MercuryNews.com http://xrl.us/q4at .....and the blog from Bill Cook, a retired journalist and participant in the trip: http://www.washingtonbureau.typepad.com/bikeblog/ Here's a website of a guy who's motorscooting around the entire Eastern USA: http://www.pjchmiel.com/ramble/ Gary Long is walking across the country to lose weight: http://www.afatmansjourney.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ebay Auctions: A 1924 map of Kansas City, including many of the national named highways, brought $67.88: http://xrl.us/rrsq A 1918 Goodrich Tour Books covering St. Louis to Kansas City and back, closed at $78.88: http://xrl.us/rrsr A 1908 White Route Book #6 covering the National Highway and some routes in Southern States seemed a bargain when it closed at $34.55: http://xrl.us/rrss A black and white printed postcard of the Baltimore Dine on US 1 in New Brunswick, NJ reached $115.50: http://xrl.us/rrst A very appealing license plate topper from the Berthoud Pass brought $76: http://xrl.us/rrsv A black and white printed postcard of Seller's Cabins formerly Stewart's, 8 miles east of York, PA on the Lincoln Highway attracted 12 bids when it closed at $38.65: http://xrl.us/rrsx A 1933 Louis Marx Lincoln Highway Electric Lighted Tin Litho Battery Operated Play Set with Instructions in the Original Box was very popular with 22 bids when it closed at $1,090, [sorry no pics]: http://xrl.us/rrsy A black and white printed Dexter Silvercraft postcard of Willie's Place on the Lincoln Highway in Saluvia, PA brought $54.50: http://xrl.us/rrsz Huh? A porcelain National Old Trails shield shaped sign with George Washington, damaged but restorable, only received one bid and closed at $24.99 [sorry no pics, I can't figure out why this didn't go for hundreds of dollars]: http://xrl.us/rrs4 A nice real photo postcard of the Beacon Hill Lodge, Donner Summit closed at $48.77: http://xrl.us/rrs5 An attractive metal "Cabins $2.50" sign closed at $67.66: http://xrl.us/rrs6 A 1935 real photo postcard of cars in the snow at Tahoe City somehow closed at $188.89 with just 4 bids!: http://xrl.us/rrs7 Check out this 18" round metal Lincoln Heritage Trail sign, which brought $113.50 after 16 bids: http://xrl.us/rrs8 Road maps of Nevada are eagerly sought by collectors. This Official State Highway one of 1935 one brought $51.01: http://xrl.us/rrs9 and this 1936 one closed at $49: http://xrl.us/rrta A Goodrich Nevada road map from 1919 brought $41: http://xrl.us/rrte This color advertising postcard of the Hotel Edward, lobby and guest room in Omaha closed at $38: http://xrl.us/rrtg This 1936 real photo main street of Truckee postcard closed at $78.77: http://xrl.us/rrti A 15 page 1949 Drive-Inn trade magazine attracted interest and brought $89.88: http://xrl.us/rrtk 2 real photo postcards of Lincoln Highway in Clarence, IA closed at $41: http://xrl.us/rrto Some really nice vintage auto club badges surfaced last month. [These are pretty neat - if I wasn't already collecting 101 different things .......] Here's a nice porcelain one from the Chattanooga Auto Club which brought $303: http://xrl.us/rrts A 1925 brass one from the Omaha Auto Club brought $87.10: http://xrl.us/rrtt A shield-shaped enamel one from the National Motorists Assoc in Van Wert, OH went for $33: http://xrl.us/rrt6 A vintage 1914 tourist guide of the Utah Uintah basin closed at $48: http://xrl.us/rrtu A 54 page Official Missouri Old Trails Road Book published by the Missouri Old Trails Road Association closed at 140.10: http://xrl.us/rrtw A printed color advertising postcard from the recent Curt Teich company archive auction of the Monte Neva Springs outside of Ely, NV re-auctioned on ebay brought $33.99: http://xrl.us/rrtx An antique Lincoln Highway Auto Case made by the New Process Co. in Warren, PA closed at $89.88: http://xrl.us/rrtz A real photo postcard of an atom bomb test as seen from Fallon, NV brought $53.76: http://xrl.us/rrt3 An ever popular 10" Staffordshire souvenir plate of the Grand View Ship Hotel closed at $81.56: http://xrl.us/rrt5 Spite bidding? Mortal enemies? A 1920 Wisconsin Official State Highway map closed at $990 after the previous bidder bid $980: http://xrl.us/rrt7 A chrome, eagle on a globe, National Highway Assoc radiator topper closed at $88.88 [i have an identical one but in brass]: http://xrl.us/rrt8 A Good Roads Assoc pinback went for $17.29: http://xrl.us/rrua A very nice 1930 US 80 brochure, the Ocean to Ocean, transcontinental highway connecting Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA went for $68.77: http://xrl.us/rrub A pictorial Grand View Point advertising card, 4.25" x 2.75" brought $56.55: http://xrl.us/rruc And one of the Ridge House on the LH in Gettysburg brought $21.50: http://xrl.us/rrud Well, after about 15 years I finally got one of those US 30 cast iron arcade signs for less than $50. The seller claims, "These were supposedly given out as mementos as the building of the Lincoln Highway progressed. In this area, I know these were given out at the dedication of the U.S. Route 30 bridge over the Mississippi River at Clinton, IA." Only $31.30: http://xrl.us/rrue A Curt Teich linen advertising postcard of a rare Houston diner - Simpson's Dining Car - closed at $63.98: http://xrl.us/rrui A great old real photo postcard view of an early auto on the "Shore Road, lake Tahoe" brought $54: http://xrl.us/rruj A 1929 Mohawk (Tires) - Hobbs Guide of the Lincoln Highway West - Salt Lake City - Chicago, Denver Connection brought $36: http://xrl.us/rrum One of the LH roadside icons - the Bedford Coffee Pot - is sought by collectors in the form of a few different real photo postcards. This one, the most common view, probably taken by itinerant woman photographer Gherkin, went for $154.00 [it has been selling at this price for at least 15 years, there are other Coffee Pot views that will go for more]: http://xrl.us/rruq That's all for now. Don't eat raw spinach for a while. yer pal, ypsi-slim
  16. When I choose a font and size, bracketed entries are inserted in my post. The size bracket entry shows up in the post preview and the post. Do you pick the font and size first and then type the post, or type the entire post, highlight the text and then pick font and size. I guess no one is using this function as the type and size appears the same in all posts except for Jennifer's signature. No font changes or size changes are ever applied to the posts. This time I am highlighting the entire post and then selecting a font to see if it works. It does. I am trying this with a size. That works too only if I highlight the text, and have my curser after the font bracket when I select the size. I will attempt to post this in Times New Roman size 3. What does size 1 through 7 refer to? I am used to using font point sizes such as in most Windows application and on the Internet. I normally post in Times New Roman 12 point. This default font is a sans serif one. Is it ariel? What does "When making a post, you will most likely have the option to use IBF code when posting." mean? If I compose an e-mail in HTML in an Office Application or another Windows based e-mail application and cut and paste it into a post on the Forum will my hyperlinks work? If not, will I have to recreate each one via the insert hyperlink function on the Forum. This would be extremely tedious. I have prepared a Lincoln Highway e-newsletter with scores of hyperlinks that I do not want to recreate via the Forum, and it may be too long - are there any other options to share this info via an administrator interceding?
  17. Here's an article from the Orlando Sentinel about the pending removal of the famous "Loop" Oaks on the Dixie Highway: Historic "Loop" Oaks Must Go Here's a related article from the Daytona Beach News-Journal Online: Old Oaks To Come Down .... ypsi-slim
  18. Check out this article from the Miami Herald on Bill Haast's Miami Serpentarium: Miami Serpentarium ypsi-slim
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