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  1. I drive a big v8 truck because it suits all my needs and yes although it sucks gas I found a set of 18" wheels with 78 series tires and figured my gas savings at nearly 20%. Also on the first day out we have enough food for the day. Once on a Thanksgiving outing I had purchased a complete turkey dinner and ate it ina wall mart parking lot inTennesse over a white gas stove, price around $25. the best part however was the childrens faces when they saw the Ahmish horse drawn carriges.I also slow down when going uphill and speed up going down if my math holds it saves around 5%. I made a platform in the bed for sleeping and we store everything under it 2 grownups outside and 2 children inside the extended cab, we do this every other night weather permitting. The rack is our observation post at ElkHart Lake and Watkins Glen. On the other nights we stay in a b & b which we have already set up, and dont forget hitting up your old Air Force buddies. I not only enjoy going to things like the races bu twent to the worlds fair in Knoxville in 1982 and now I am waiting to go to the next Olympics in the USA .But this year is definitely Pumpkin Chunkin so if anyone has been there I could use some money saving pointers
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