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  1. Dave, They might have taken the train in 1921, the paper doesn't say. My guess is they did take the train in 1921. The town was crazy in their support for the team, cramming nearly 600 people into their gym for a big game against Enterprise. Then, a few nights later the whole town traveled up to Enterprise for the championship game of the district. Needless to say, the town of Joseph supported their teams with fervor. My sources are newspapers from the era, viewed on Microfilm that I receive from the Knight Library in Eugene. I truck over to the Tigard Library at lunch time and view the reels. It's a great set up. Mark
  2. Thanks guys, for your input on this. Very interesting. Interestingly enough to me, the following year Joseph made the trip to Salem again. The newspapers from Joseph made mention of fundraising efforts to send the boys via train in 1922. Ultimately, the fundraising goal was reached the boys were sent via train in 1922. I'm guessing the trip was tough enough in 1921 that they thought they'd send their boys in luxury in 1922. In case you were wondering, after traveling all the way from Joseph to Salem in 1921, the Joseph team lost their only game in the Capitol City 65-9 to Eugene! They shouldn't feel too bad though, Joseph's enrollment was 54 compared to over 700 for Eugene! I have many other stories like this, Heppner traveled to Salem in 1920, Rainier in 1920, Madras in 1920 and many more. I do appreciate your input on this topic all. Regards, Mark
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