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  1. Congratulations Dave, and long live the Hypotenuse! Your trip has made me seriously consider doing an East-West for my next project. (Kidding!) Brian
  2. Thanks for all your positive feedback. I hope I can add more images every week or so. I have now photographed the majority of the highway: I just need to finish the extreme northern section in Montana - from Great Falls to the border, 2/3 of Yellowstone Park, (which technically is not part of 89 but since 89 enters the park on the south and exits at the north - who can blame me!), and the section from Flagstaff to Pheonix (both 89 and 89A) and then I'm DONE! So I have a lot of photos that I am 'processing' and I should be able to keep 'em coming. Alex, I understand the logic of your comment, but I don't think that I will label every image with a description OTHER THAN the State and Milepost number. My idea is that the finished website would be little more descriptive because I plan on including a small, simplified map of each state to the side of the main window that would show the highway route in black, but it would have a short segent of the highway illuminated probably with red. The red section would represent approximately a 20 mile portion of the highway and the corresponding twenty thumb nails would display in two rows along the bottom of the browser. A mouse-over or click on an individual thumbnail would bring that image up in the main window, similar to what you see now. All I need to do is find a good web designer to make it happen! Thanks again to everyone. I hope the project will provide you with a chance for a good armchair excursion over the weeks ahead! Brian
  3. Dave, I wish that I had known of your plans a few days earlier (that is what happens when you drop out for a year). When you said that you were spending an evening in Rexburg, my jaw hit the floor - I live in Rexburg! I would have loved to have met you. I could have given you the nickel tour. Your trip is quite fun to follow. I did not know that there is a Dubois, Wyoming but I am very familiar with Dubois, Idaho and I must say that they sound like sister-cities. The Idaho Dubois is probably just 80 miles NW of Dubois, Wyoming (as the crow flies). Have fun and a safe journey. I am glad that you are able to post as you go - makes it all the more interesting! - Brian Atkinson
  4. Hey everyone. I know I haven't been around for awhile (OK. So what's a year or so, really?). I have recently had time to begin assembling a website and I thought I would post here to allow all of you to be the first to check it out. The site is http://www.highway89project.com and it is very much under construction. I believe the navigation is working correctly, however there is only part of one gallery uploaded at this time. Eventually I will have a link to galleries specific to each state. The gallery that is accessible currently is PART of the Arizona gallery (about 260 images I think), mostly of the extreme southern part of the state with just a handful of random mileposts from northern AZ for good measure. If you are so inclined as to visit I would love any feedback. I have switched ISPs since my last post, but the 'contact' link has my current email address. Now that something is actually online, I am quite anxious to finish the project and get ALL of it online! Hope you enjoy perusing the site! Brian
  5. Dave (and anyone else interested), I have been away for awhile and haven't had the opportunity to check-in on the forum. Schools is out for the next 4 weeks and I am trying to get my project a little more organized. I have purchased a web domain, but nothing is posted there yet. I am editing my photographs and have created a spreadsheet for each state with a description of each photo (mile marker). Although I haven't posted any of the photos to the gallery I have posted a copy of the story that was published in our University's faculty journal, Perspective, online. It is a pdf file and you can get to it by clicking here. I also have it in Word format (.doc). just email me for a copy. I hope everyone is well and keeping cool! Have a wonderful remainder of the summer! Brian Atkinson
  6. I am planning to head out tomorrow to take more photographs for my project. I haven't yet decide whether to travel north or south. If I go north I will pick up where I left off, at Montana milepost 68 (about 11 miles north of Livingston, Montana) and if I take the southern trip, I need to cover the stretch of 89 between Panguitch and Kanab, and then head farther south to The Gap, just past Lake Powell. I haven't yet posted anything to the gallery and I apologize. I have been working on a short essay about the project for our University's literary journal. In the meantime here is a sample of "US 89, Border to border, mile by mile"
  7. Dave, You are most welcome. I hope that sometime I might be able to try some of your favorite highways! I did drop by the Bluebird today - I wish I had the time to eat a meal - Here is a shot of the sign and some of the facade. I will try and post some others in the gallery when I get a chance. Brian
  8. I happen to be in Logan, Utah today, visiting family. I might be able to post a few photos of the Bluebird and other Highway 89 sites so stay tuned. For those of you who do not know (and I assume that is everybody) I am currently working on a comprehensive photographic survey of US 89. My interest in this highway was what led me to discover and join this forum - although I usually sit quietly on the sidelines. Maybe I could post a couple of the images from the project...only trouble is that right now I only have a limited few on my laptop. The majority are on my home computer. I also have a pretty full agenda for the day. Stay tuned! Brian Atkinson
  9. FYI: National Geographic's Adventure Magazine (April 2007) has a nice article about a 14 day road trip taken on "The west's most western highway" Pick up a copy at your local news stand or check it out online: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventur...e-89/photo.html Brian Atkinson
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