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  1. Here's the third of this body style I've owned - my 1976 Chrysler Cordoba "Sasquatch." Also had a '78 Cordoba and my favorite was a '76 Dodge Charger. Big, gas-hog, lots of wasted space, heavy, and beautiful! I bought this one on eBay unseen except for a set of pictures. I drove it, my son drove it to high school, he even raced it at the local drag strip once, and I sold it last fall. Both of us miss it a lot. I won't be surprised if another Cordoba ends up in my garage again some day.
  2. The wired-on bumper sticker was alive in the late 1970s in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I worked at Crazy Horse Memorial from 1978 to 1985, much of the time as a parking lot attendant. We did not put any kind of stickers on cars, but the vehicles coming in that had already visited other attractions were covered with them. I remember the wired on type from Cosmos Mystery Area (a gravity hill type of place that's still open) and from the 1880 Train (still operating as well). Cosmos had neon orange ones and the train's were lime green, so neither was difficult to spot. Reptile Gardens and Bear Country USA both used actual "sticker" stickers! I knew these very well because many visitors apparently saw them on their cars for the first time when they got out at their next stop, which would be Crazy Horse. The garbage cans we had around the parking lot were always "decorated" on the outside with Bear Country and Reptile Gardens stickers that had been peeled off by angry drivers. I'm not sure when these practices were discontinued, but I would guess it would have been around 1980.
  3. Thanks guys. We have several very cool roads here in South Dakota. I want to get a post for my blog worked up on the Native American Scenic Byway, which travels north-south on both sides of the Missouri River through South Dakota. We've got a blizzard rolling in this afternoon, though, so I'm going to have to wait a week or so for things to get green around here.
  4. Here's one I'm guessing not a lot of people have heard of. South Dakota's "Oyate Trail" follows the southernmost route east to west across the state. It passes through a bunch of very scenic and historic spots, a lot of them having to do with Native American history. The trail mainly is comprised of South Dakota Highways 50 and 18, with a few little connector routes. North Sioux City and Edgemont are the Oyate Trail ending points. Official information can be found at www.oyatetrail.com and I just posted suggestions for photographers following the trail with pictures on my blog at www.dakotagraph.blogspot.com. Chad
  5. Sure that counts! Now we've just got to figure out a way to turn this into a road trip. Gene and Paul's birthplaces? Nah. Every place they've played? That's got to be every arena in the country now that they are on their 35th anniversary tour. How about Terre Haute to "Detroit Rock City?"
  6. Let me know when you're coming out west and I'll do my best to let you in on all the cool stuff to see. Anyone who's seen KISS is okay in my book, even if they aren't a huge fan.
  7. Thanks guys! I'm hoping I can add some useful discussion here at some point. Rick, your pictures make me think I need to work harder on mine. Great stuff, especially the air shows. You might know of Jim Peitz, he's a stunt pilot from here in Pierre. I've done some of his promo shots for his website, hero cards, etc. Jim, I'm always jealous of anyone that can drive by The Speedway any time they want. I spent three years in Princeton, IN and shot the 500 twice. Also been to the Brickyard once and do the museum tour any time I'm in the area. Even though it's lost some of it's luster in the last decade, Indy is still a special place to me. Chad
  8. Howdy everyone, My parents took me on many great road trips when I was a kid and I think that eventually lead to my career in the tourism industry. My summer job through high school and college was at Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota (American Road Volume V, No. 1). I now am the senior photographer for the South Dakota Office of Tourism. That means I travel the state taking pictures of fairs, festivals, attractions, landscapes, wildlife, rodeos, powwos, etc, etc. After 15 years of the job, I'm really getting to know the backroads and byways of South Dakota. So, if you are interested in photography tips about this neck of the woods, visit my blog at www.dakotagraph.blogspot.com. Hopefully you will find something interesting or maybe even useful there. I also branch outside of South Dakota from time to time. I'm sure you all know about that itching for a road trip. Wyoming and Colorado have seen a lot of my tire tracks. And I've noticed several members of the Class of '81 on the forum. I fit that category as well. It's a little off topic for this forum, but if you are interested in the music of our era, you might also enjoy my concert photography blog at www.chadsconcertpix.blogspot.com. If anyone has any questions about anything in South Dakota, feel free to fire away. I love helping travelers and/or photographers. Chad
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