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  1. Lanie

    Old Oregon Trail Highway

    I thought you might be interested in knowing about West to Oregon with Ollie Ox! It's a new children's E-book that tells the story of the Oregon Trail in a very unique way. The story is narrated by the lovable ox pulling the wagon and is full of photos, paintings and fun illustrations that bring the Oregon Trail to life. You can check it out at www.WestToOregon.com
  2. Lanie

    My Oregon Trail Odyssey

    Hi - I thought you might be interested in knowing about a new children's e-book about the Oregon Trail entitled West to Oregon with Ollie Ox! It's a great book for kids to read before or while experiencing the trail so they understand more about what they are seeing. It really pulls them into the whole trail experience. You can check it out at: www.WestToOregon.com. Quote from Jim Tompkins, President of the Northwest Chapter of the Oregon-California Trails Association: "I opened my Nook and downloaded a copy, read it and was surprised how good it was. True to its topic." Quote from Paula Thacker, Historic Interpreter at the End of the Trail Center in Oregon City: "I love this book! Authors seem to feel they need to sacrifice historical accuracy to get a good story or sacrifice a good story for the facts. You do a great job keeping both intact and fun." Lanie