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  1. From the album: Dixie Highway

    Horse Shoe Camp was initially developed in the early 1930s by Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Cornwell as a beer tavern. As automobile traffic and demand for overnight accommodations increased along US-31W, the Cornwells installed gas pumps and built cabins. After the completion of the sleeping accommodations in 1935 the name was changed to Horse Shoe Cottage Court. The Cornwells owned and operated the property until 1952 when they sold it to P.L. and Kathryn Forrester. They operated the business as Horse Shoe Court. In 1965, with the opening of I-65, business dropped off dramatically. The Forresters managed to hang on until the early 1980s. Horse Shoe Camp is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  2. Thanks Cort. The trip was pushed back a day so we went on Sunday and Monday instead of Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was sunny but we ran into quite a bit of rain on Monday. It was still a very pleasant trip though. Mike
  3. From the album: Dixie Highway

    This business existed at a time when this was still the Dixie Highway, nearly 90 years ago.
  4. From the album: Dixie Highway

    One of three Wigwam motels still standing, the front of this property borders US-31W and the rear borders the original western alignment of the Dixie Highway.
  5. I love places like that.

    I took a look at your website and really enjoyed it. I lived close to US-23 in Michigan for many years, and for the last 10 I have lived close to it in North Carolina. I've probably driven every inch between here and the northern terminus, but never south. I especially like that '62 convertible!

  6. I've been copying your notes and printing them out to take with us. Old buildings, motels, gas stations, etc. are high on my list of things to track down and shoot. Thanks for taking the time to mention these points of interest.
  7. Thanks! I just bought my first digital SLR a few months ago, a Canon T2i. I've been practicing with it as much as possible. I bought it mostly so I could shoot neon lights but I haven't even done it yet. I had a pretty good point-and-shoot camera but couldn't adjust it enough to make the pictures come out like I wanted. I'm confident I'll be able to do so with this. I just have to find some good neon. Mike
  8. I recall that you were heading that way when I was heading up the eastern alignment through your home town on my way to Michigan. Your notes are very much appreciated. I am somewhat familiar with Nashville, but I just sat here doing the arithmetic and realized it has been close to 35 years since I was in Russelville, KY. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY back then and visited several of the small towns in the area back then. I am going to be flying blind through the better part of this trip, so I appreciate your suggestions. I took a look at your trip blog to glean what I could as well. From the looks of things the one advantage I'll have over your trip is a little more sunshine for picture taking.
  9. Since it appears that we are going to avoid any treacherous weather in the southern Appalachians this weekend, I think Sharon and I are going to do some exploring along the Dixie Highway. I think we'll start in Asheville and head through Marshall and then across US-25 to the state line to get pictures of the two remaining NC Robert E. Lee / Dixie Highway monuments that I don't have yet. Then from Newport, TN we'll follow the eastern alignment along 25W through Knoxville, then up to Corbin, KY. I have taken the 25E Cumberland Loop many times, but never this section of the route. Once we get to Corbin we will make our way over to the western alignment at US-31W in Cave City, KY to spend the night at the Wigwam Village Inn #2. From there I'm not sure, but maybe we'll follow the western alignment down to Chattanooga, TN, then back to Knoxville, and home from there. The Wigwam has been on our to-do list for a while, and new sections of the Dixie Highway are always fun.Looking forward to a great weekend. Mike
  10. Thanks for taking a look Dave. I'll keep my eyes open for more; it has been fun trying to track them down.
  11. It's cold here but no snow yet; not even in the nearby mountains. I thought we might get some last night but it never happened. The Montgomery Inn is my favorite place anywhere for ribs. I've eaten there 3-4 times in the last six months. That made up for about a 10 year absence. Sharon and I will make it up your way sometime soon and we'll get a chance to meet you face-to-face over the best ribs east of...anywhere!
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