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  1. fran66

    Big Thank You!

    Hi Everybody, Just a note to let you all know that I finished my chemotherapy three weeks ago and have been home for a little over a week. My doctors have given me a very good prognosis which has made me extremely happy. I will have to go back to St. Louis periodically for blood tests and scans for about a year. I can handle that as long as I can be at home and they keep giving me good reports! A big THANK YOU to all of you for your prayers, cards, flowers, phone calls, e-mails, letters, visits, gifts, well wishes and friendship. Your encouragement through my battle with this cancer has given me the will to win this battle. Along with the medical help I'm receiving, all of your prayers are still very important to my recovery. I feel I'm very fortunate that I have such a special group of friends and family who care so much! Hope I can get out on the road again soon! Love you all, Fran in Cuba, MO.
  2. fran66

    April 2007 Dixie Highway Cruise?

    Count my sister Dolly and I in also. Just made reservations for Friday and Saturday, and will also leave St. Louis on Friday. Looking forward to seeing all of you and having a great weekend! Fran in Cuba, MO.
  3. fran66

    April 2007 Dixie Highway Cruise?

    Hi Pat and Denny, Just talked to my sister, Dolly, and we are interested. Sounds like it would be a great trip for us and a chance to see old friends and also make new ones. Our Missouri Association meeting is being held on April 14 here in Cuba at Bob's Gasoline Alley....so we couldn't make it that weekend, but any other would be fine. Let me know of any plans you've made so far. Fran in Cuba, MO.
  4. fran66


    When visiting Santa Fe, be sure to come back to Albuquerque on the Turquoise Trail and also visit Sandia Crest (elevation10,678 ft.) and the Tinkertown Museum. Well worth the time. Fran in Cuba, MO.