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  1. When I first saw this I thought it was where the Yuengling brewery is but I refreshed my memory and see that is Pottsville not Pottstown.


    Are you about to get into the cafe biz?




    Heck no,

    I just wanted to make some folks aware of an establishment for sale, that looks like a giant coffee cup!

  2. I noticed on drive-by, a business I'll call the "Coffee Cup Cafe" is For Sale.


    It is located at 903 N Charlotte St, Pottstown, PA 19464-3958 - (North Charlotte and Prospect Streets).


    MS Live Search Maps has a good "Bird's Eye" view of it. And I hope to get there again soon for a good photo.



    Anyone know a good commercial real estate search tool?




    Could be a fun business to operate.

    ... Chris

  3. Technology may wipe business off the map


    by Ted Roelofs | Gazette News Service


    Monday January 21, 2008, 11:47 AM

    GRAND RAPIDS -- You can still find them hanging in fire stations, city halls, schools, even floral shops: comforting, detailed, familiar guides from a fading world.


    The paper map.


    Unfortunately for Metro Graphic Arts, of Grand Rapids, they seem to be headed the way of the buggy whip and the typewriter.

    The 62-year-old company expects to close its doors by the end of February, as it sells out the last of its street guides and wall maps. Too many customers are turning to digital GPS devices and Internet maps, instead of what Metro Graphic offers.

    "It's been coming," said Sally Terrell, 60, office manager and a 29-year employee. She is one of just eight employees left, sitting in a front office surrounded by empty desks. "I've noticed in the last year that things were not all that great."


    The closing folds a company founded by mapmaker Fred F. Johnson, . . .


    Sad news, GREAT PUN!!!

  4. Unfortunately, the only copy of Red Barchetta I have is on cassette and all of my old cassette players have bit the dust ... so I'm forced to listen to "A Show of Hands" on CD to get a Rush fix ...


    And, yes, as another member of the Class of '81 (from the Midwest), I too wore out my "Moving Pictures" tape. Actually, it was Red Barchetta and the rest of that album that really made me a fan of Rush.


    I definitely remember cranking up the stereo when no one else was home, getting out the air guitar and playing in the basement family room ...


    Yeah, those were the days.




    Are you guys hip to Wolfgang's Vault?

    It's Bill Graham's personal collection of recordings, posters and other ephemera.

    Gosh, where would we be without that guy?


  5. . . . I'll still depend on the Onion for important stories that just don't make The Daily Show. The time constraints of television just don't permit Jon and his staff to cover everything they'd like.


    Not much interest in a Pothole Cruise it seems.




    Funny, I'm currently watching "A Daily Show".

    We were fortunate to know Jon when he was a Tar Bender at our local Rock Club.

    Imagine being served and/or flagged by that character! Choice times I will never forget.


    ... Chris

  6. OK.... by "popular demand" (that means Alex and Chris) here are some vintage autos photographed in June 1967 at Harrah's Collection, before it was disassembled.


    Think of this...the girl in the stripped shirt who is about 10 years old in the photo is probably making retirement plans today!!


    Demand more and you will get a few more. These were scanned on the Epson 2400 Photo from color slides that had turned purple, and were originally taken with a 110 brownie.


    Keep the Show on the Road






    Thanks Dave,

    My guess, that first car is a doosie of a "Duesi". And I'm betting Alex will reply to the Essex, with more info than we care to know, lol. That Stanley Steamer is the predecessor to today's Hydrogen Prototypes, nyuk! nyuk! nyuk! nyuk! . . . .


    Drive on ...

    ... Chris

  7. Chris,


    Like Keep I have an Epson 2400 scanner. Its a good device that can do good quality scans of prints, slides, and negatives. I used it for quite a while but quickly tired of editing dust spots that were picked up by the scanner.








    Thanks for the advice.

    My old Epson 1200U does a nice job. But I'd like to dig out some slides and reproduce those.

    Slipping further off-topic. Try a Google search for "Scanner Photography" to find links like these.





    I've made a box out of black poster board and experimented with this craft myself. Things clipped from my garden mostly. But found objects photograph well, for printing and use as decopodge' trompe l'oeil.





    ... Chris

  8. COLUMBUS, OH—According to a statement released by the Ohio Department of Transportation Wednesday, highway maintenance workers are so deeply moved by the elegant pothole located in the westbound lane of Route 50 that they have decided not to defile its pure and powerful form by attempting to fill it in. "This natural jewel of concrete displacement on an endless stretch of barren highway is too aesthetically pristine to be disturbed," said Ohio DOT director James G. Beasley, . .



    Who'da thunk?

    ... Chris

  9. I'd love to see the images.


    There is intrinsic value in showing your entire collection from the show. However I have more scanning work on-deck, than I care to think about. So I will understand if it takes some time for you to complete the project.


    Oh you said slides? Does your scanner also do negatives?

    Can anyone recommend a good negative scanner?


    Always looking to make more work for myself.

    ... Chris

  10. So, what kind of great "Roadie" stuff did ya'll get for Christmas?


    I got a copy of Brian Butko's "Greetings from the Lincoln Highway" and Michael Karl Witzel's "The American Motel."


    I'll know the days as I also got a Route 66 2008 calendar with photos by Terrence Moore.


    Whatt'd You Get?



    My wife's Dad gave us the Garmin "nuvi 660", (for which I need Mac software).

    And for probably the 2nd time in my adult life, I was able to stay home "off-road" for Christmas day, play trains with our son and actually barbecue our lunch! . . .


    ... Chris

  11. God Bless Buddy Rich and Neil Peart!

    I cannot tell you how many times I played that Rush tape in my 70 Chevelle in 1981. The year of my HS Graduation, (or escape). I would check the gas, fill the oil, pop that tape in and head to the Jersey Shore!!!


    On another of my favorite albums, Neal Peart and Bill Bruford (among others) played on "Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich". There is a "making of" DVD as well, but I have not seen it. Would probably go on the same shelf with my "Yes Years" video. But that's just me.


    ... Chris






    As a side note Buddy Rich once told Johnny Carson that Neil Peart was the only rock drummer worth a damn.


    I highly recommend giving it a listen. The song can be found on Rush's 'Moving Pictures' album from 1981.


    The original story: A Nice Morning Drive by Richard Foster

  12. It's a tough season for Architectural photographs with the low angle of the sun.

    I have been taking a lot of mental notes, as to where I can pull over and shoot.

    Perhaps in the Spring I can dedicate an entire Saturday to the US-130 project.

    Otherwise I drive parts of US-30 in NJ and PA, as well as US-40 in NJ for work.


    Today I drove PA-663 from Quakertown to Pottstown, where in the past, I have

    noticed two "Tea Cup" Cafe's. I believe they have both been turned into Italian

    Ice stands. I suspect a third exists in Quakertown itself but will have to look a bit

    closer next time by there. Sometimes renovators make it hard on us, ya know?


    ... Chris




    BTW, how is your documenting work coming along! It will be valuable! As you say, things do change and too often no one seems to have documented them before they do.


    Keep the Show on the Road!

  13. I heard this Podcast the other day. Truly sad how things change.



    Morning Edition, November 28, 2007 · A staple of the American road trip could be slowly disappearing from the nation's interstates and byways. Owners of some roadside attractions are deciding that interest is waning in such treasures as the world's largest ball of string, Stinker the monkey or a flock of ducks escaping from a replica of the Titanic.

    Roadside Attractions Fading from Landscape by Jason Beaubien


  14. Welcome to backofmyhand.com Got a favourite clothes shop, bar or restaurant? Follow the same pre-match routine when you go to watch your football team? Is your town full of hidden gems? Use your local knowledge to make a collection of the important places in your life and share them with the world on BackOfMyHand! Check out our top current featured collections.





    Looks like another ditty powered my Microsoft Live Search.

    This is primarily to do with travel in the UK, but the American Road version could prove interestink.

  15. Chris,


    Good plan. I recall a nice theater sign you posted....will we see more soon?


    Keep the Show on the Road!



    Ahh yes, the Colonial in Phoenixville, PA. I missed "Blobfest" again this year. Maybe I can get another marquee photo someday. I have other goodies earmarked in PA, but my project for NJ is to document the survivors of US Route 130. It will be hard not to stray from that, but I find it interesting, what can be found on just a single Highway. This is the classic ribbon of Commercial zone. Old Motels, Car Dealerships, Diners, Drive-In Burgers and other folly. I've lost a couple relics recently, due to my procrastination. But I hope to capture what I can, before it all goes away...


    .. Chris

  16. Yah, I remember the "paperless office" also. Big joke.


    When they have a computer with a flexible screen that expands to at least 11 X 17 inches, fits in my back pocket, can be sat on without cracking, never needs recharging, weighs under an ounce, and costs under $5, I'll throw away my paper maps.


    Of course it isn't either / or. I love my laptop and GPS, but that doesn't mean I have abandoned paper.


    Keep the Show on the Road!





    Smart phones are getting close to that in portability. But don't sit on them, as they don't cost $5. More like $500! . . They also don't make very good sun-shades or fly-swatters as paper maps do.



    "Lets Put On A Show!" ... Mickey Rooney

  17. Paper maps crumpling in face of electronic onslaught

    Michael Cabanatuan, Chronicle Staff Writer


    Friday, October 12, 2007


    These days, when it's time to hit the road, drivers are more likely to let a computer or GPS unit plot their journey than to pull out a paper road map.

    read on . . .




    I use google maps almost daily as I drive quite a bit for work.

    But still carry my collection of (folding) City and County street maps for when I need to fly by the seat of my pants.

    I'm "old school" but will consider changing if my boss buys us an iPhone.


    Chris Moore

    NJ Exit 7-A

  18. Hi folks, it's been awhile . . . on the road daily for my real job.

    Just read this interesting bit.


    ... Chris

    NJ Exit 7-A




    Out with the old: Seattle selling city's street signs

    By Sharon Pian Chan

    Seattle Times staff reporter


    Seattle is getting all new street signs and the old signs are going on sale.


    "The average street sign is now 15 years old," Mayor Greg Nickels said at a Wednesday news conference at Pike Place Market, where he showed off new signs for Pike Place and Pike Street.


    "Unlike disco, we find older signs are not making a comeback," he said.

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