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  1. RainiePalmantier

    Palmantier's Motel

    Thank You soooooo very much Denny!!! I get so excited when I see stuff on there!! I wish I knew how to do stuff like that but I can't find the time to learn. So I can't say it enough how much we appreciate what you did.
  2. RainiePalmantier

    Palmantier's Motel

    You guys have made my day!! I'm dancing in the clouds right now. What Denny did was just awesome!! I saw the post and couldn't wait to tell Kevin. You're a great bunch of people. I'm so thankful I took out that ad in the American Road because it led me to you guys. I'm okay with the computer but there's just no time to figure out all the web stuff, pictures and all. I get daily mail for fire or health inspections or paper work on a new license... That keeps me quite busy along with doing the books and running the motel. I'm open to any suggestions from you guys. I'd gladly give a 5.00 discount, that sounds like a great idea!! As for more pics and snappy leads I might need some help. Thanks You Guys!!!!!!!!!! Rainie
  3. RainiePalmantier

    Palmantier's Motel

    Denny, Thank you sooo much for your kind words!!! It's people like you that will help us make a go of things. We are putting our heart and sole into the place. I love everything about it! There are many improvements to come but Rome wasn't built in a day. I wish I could have met you but it sounds like Kevin left a lasting impression on you. Thank You For Your Business!!!!! Please return soon!!
  4. RainiePalmantier

    Palmantier's Motel

    This is a first for me. I'm trying to get information on the history of the Palmantier's Motel. Anyone know anything about it? We're now open for business! We have nightly and weekly efficiency rooms. They're huge rooms. We fell in love with the place at the action and just had to have it. So now we're the proud new owners. We are a family owned and operated business. Mom and Pop Motel also my son helps run the place. We're very interested in the history. The house that came with it sits on the corner of Baywood and Rt 30 Lincoln Highway was built in 1875. It was the original Palmantier's Tourist Home. I'm still digging for info. Please help if you know anything. Also come see us and ride your bike if you own one. The rooms have garages!!
  5. RainiePalmantier

    Palmantier's Motel

    Hi All, I'm Rainie the lucky bidder/winner of the Palmantier's Motel. It was more exciting than my wedding day. We are a family owned Mom and Pop Motel. We've put our heart and soul into the place and we love it!! There's been many major and minor repairs so all the things we'd really like to do may have to wait for a while. But I'm satisfied with the rooms and little by little we fix up more and more. I got a phone call from the Palmantier's grandson and it was a wonderful conversation. I got a ton of history on the place. The house that came along w/it was built in 1875. It was the original Palmantier's Tourist Home. Later added on another house to that one. He also said Lassie stayed there at the Motel. I hope you all will come visit us someday! Rainie Sonntag