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  1. Andrew Van Winkle

    * Route 66 + Northwest Us Road Trip, 2011?

    Speaking of the northwest...I am hoping that your transition from US RT 101 N to I-90 E involves a ride on the Kingston ferry. Look on the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula and you'll see Kingston (right across Puget Sound from Lynnwood). The 101 loops around the peninsula anyway so it would not be hard to do. Once you get off the ferry in Seattle, it's just a short ride to I-90. On this particular route, as you ride across the water toward Seattle, you get a spectacular view of Mount Ranier rising above the city. And I'm sure you'll get to meet some great people while you're on the boat. Andrew Van Winkle roadtripwise.com
  2. Andrew Van Winkle

    * Route 66 + Northwest Us Road Trip, 2011?

    Knight, I see that you're doing some summertime desert driving. I'm not sure how flexible your road trip timing is, but I have an idea. I have some fantastic memories of doing some summertime desert driving in the pre-dawn morning (specifically the Great Salt Lake Desert and points west...which you WILL be driving). It's really amazing to roll the windows down and smell the cool desert air blowing through your car. The sun will rise at 6:01am that day, so get on the road by 5am at the latest. I know that's not so easy for most folks, but doing strange things like that really add something special to a road trip that involves a lot of interstate driving. Have an amazing journey! Andrew Van Winkle roadtripwise.com
  3. Andrew Van Winkle

    Adventure Touring Vehicles - What Do You Drive?

    Wow! I can't compete with all of your rides for looks, but this big old black beauty was the best road trip ride I ever drove. It floated down the highway, had comfy suede-like fabric seats that you could stretch out on, and it even went off-road a couple times without flinching (I think it sits on a truck chassis). It's an Oldsmobile Delta 88. Does anyone know what year? Here it is parked at a campground beside the Grand Teton Mountains. Andrew Van Winkle Road Trip Wise
  4. Andrew Van Winkle

    Making Long Drives And Trips More Enjoyable

    I agree. I've noticed that beginning my road trips with the intention of adventure seems to invite the universe to send adventure my way. And it's important that we never begin a road trip while feeling that it's a tedious task. Truly, our 'state of mind' really does influence the quality of our road trip. Being flexible? Most of my grandest adventures were a direct result of deviating from the planned route. Once I was driving West on I-90 through Wyoming. I had recently noticed in my Rand McNally road atlas a detour across Bighorn National Forest. I believe the words "closed in winter" really drew me in. I took the detour and had a wild time. I was later able to meet back up with I-90 and be on my way. So, to add to Timothy's good advice about enjoying a long road trip, keep the right 'state of mind' and be open to divine guidance. Andrew Van Winkle Road Trip Wise
  5. Andrew Van Winkle

    Best Roadtrip Planning Method?

    I have a personal preference for the low-tech method described by Alex Burr. I enjoy the excitement of setting out into the unknown, so excessive planning somewhat dims my anticipation. My specific method is to sit down with my Rand McNally road atlas and a highlighter. If I'm feeling in the flow then places on the map seem to glow. I can feel my intuition move me to trace a certain route in neon yellow. And then when I'm on the road, it's easy to explore a road I didn't plan to. I've experienced some powerful serendipity this way. Andrew Van Winkle Road Trip Wise