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  1. Here are some ideas for making long drives or long road trips more enjoyable: Stop at points of interest along the way Stopping at points of interest breaks the trip up and, in my opinion, makes the drive feel more like an adventure than a tedious task. Plus, it gives you something new to talk about! In my experience, these short stop overs have sometimes been the highlight of the trip. You never know if you don't go. ;-) Be flexible This point piggy backs off the above point. Just because you set out a plan of places to visit doesn't mean you can't deviate from it - you just might have a great experience doing something unexpected. Don't plan to drive too much in one day and take frequent rest stops Going on marathon driving sessions is physically and mentally draining. It's also dangerous. Try to drive less than 250 miles per day. More ideas here
  2. This weekend the National Park Service is waiving entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation fees. Supposedly they're doing it to boost tourism. That works for me! :-)
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