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  1. Isn’t it always the case that when you throw out something your have saved for years, you need it next week! Start with maps under $10. In fact you should be able to buy many California oil company maps of the 1940’s and 50’s for about what you would pay for a modern map of the same area (under $5). I have the impression that you want to follow the old roads. That’s what I do. As a practical matter, most state level oil company maps won’t be the most helpful because they don’t have the detail you may want. However you do need a couple so you get the idea of the general routes. The Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC)(AAA) published wonderful detailed maps at the county and regional level in the period you are interested in (1940’s and 50’s). They are fairly common on Ebay, and often quite cheap, depending on condition. You can recognize them by the large image of a mission style building on the front panel. You should be able to pick them up under $10 each, perhaps much less. You don’t need to pay the price of a mint collector’s map to follow the old roads, and who wants to subject one to travel abuse anyway? BTW, the California Automobile Club (San Francisco) also published beautiful maps for Northern California in the same period, but they are less common and therefore often more expensive. I wouldn’t worry too much about buying on Ebay. I have purchased hundreds of maps there and have never lost a nickel. I pay with personal check or Paypal. Just be sure to check the price of postage before you bid, and use the same common sense you would exercise in any other transaction. Its fun to discover something at a flea market or antique mall, and I do sometimes, so I don’t knock that approach. But I often find that antique dealers have an unusually high opinion of their old maps, at least judging by the asking prices. I know what I’m doing when it comes to maps, and most of the time you will do better on Ebay. Besides you will have many more to choose from. Still I admit I love the thrill of a lucky find at a show or market. Finally, if you keep us up to date on your old road travel, and share your adventures on the Forum, I bet some of us can find some old stained or misfolded maps we will be happy to send a new roadie for free to encourage your efforts. We have to Keep the Show on the Road!!
  2. As a LH aficionado and LH Association member, and not a route 66 fan, I say Bravo, Great, Terrific!! Excellent writers telling the stories of great roads are welcome, nay, encouraged, to turn their talents to any of my favorite routes. I look forward to another great read, and maybe a few discoveries! Count me in for the ride, and Keep the Show on the Road! (I am new to posting comments, but a seasoned auto trails traveler and collector. If I err in this first post and somehow mess up, I know you will cut me a little slack, and tell me what I did wrong.) Dave
  3. A Spansih fort that guarded the southern water approach to St Augustine from attack by the British
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