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American Road Triptalk (Podcast)-Kim Koga: Neon In The Spotlight

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Foster Braun


American Road Triptalk (Podcast)-Kim Koga: Neon in the Spotlight

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Starting in the1920's the art of neon lighting lit up American roadways and towns from coast to coast. In many ways it was arevolutionary as the digital artistry of today. Curiously, neon lighting made its way into the US from Europe by jumping across the country and landing in Los Angeles, California. So it's fitting that the City of the Angels should be the home of the Museum of Neon Art (MONA)and on this AmericanRoad TripTalk we'll visit with Kim Koga, the museum's director to find out about a splendid display of neon art at the beginnings of one of America's great highways, Route 66. The city of West Hollywood celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2010 by displaying four of the biggest neon signs from the museum collection. After you listen to the interview with Ms. Koga, watch this video which describes the collaboration between MONA and West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. where the famous Mother Road, Route 66 began.


American Road Triptalk (Podcast)-Kim Koga: Neon in the Spotlight

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We want to thank the city of St. Joseph, MO for sponsoring this American Road TripTalk. Make history this year and bring the family to St Joseph, Missouri and make it a vacation they'll never forget. In St. Joseph you'll discover 150 years of history where the Pony Express began and Jesse James ended. Experience history, make history...go to St. Joe, MO

Feel free to comment, criticize and correct our podcasts because we are always looking to make them better. In particular, if you know of anyone who might make a good subject for these podcasts, please let me know in the comments section. See you soon on the great American Road.

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