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American Road Triptalk (Podcast)-Ron Gustafson: Penguin Power

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Foster Braun


American Road TripTalk (podcast) - Ron Gustafson: Penguin Power

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When the weatherperson wants you to know just how cold things can get in case you were starting to feel sorry for yourself, they would probably say, "But in Cut Bank, Montana it's 40 degrees below zero." In our Winter 2010 Holiday Road Tour we visited the Glacier Gateway Inn and Plaza in Cut Bank where former owner Ron Gustafson had built the largest penguin inthe world to mark the coldest spot in the nation. But you will never guess where this thick skinned cowboy now hangs his hat: Galveston Island, TX where he has opened an RV Park. Looks like he traded in his snow shoes for flip flops and long underwear for shorts.


American Road TripTalk (podcast) - Ron Gustafson: Penguin Power

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We want to thank the city of St. Joseph, MO for sponsoring this AmericanRoad TripTalk. Make history this yearand bring the family to St Joseph, Missouri and make it a vacation they'llnever forget. In St. Joseph you'll discover 150 years of history where thePony Express began and Jesse James ended. Experience history, makehistory...go to stjomo.com.

Feel free to comment, criticize and correct our podcasts because we are always looking to make them better. In particular, if you know of anyone who might make a good subject for these podcasts, please let me know in the comments section. See you soon on the great American Road.

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