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Sharing Youtube Videos



Sharing youtube Videos
Now a quick note about sharing youtube videos, this one is on youtube.com as https://youtu.be/IGBrDBbynd8 right. That makes the ID of that video be IGBrDBbynd8 ok? So to have just the thumbnail to share (like is on the page now at http://route6tour.com/Route6californ.htm Always start with http://img.youtube.com/vi/ image-ID-goes-here/0.jpg ok? then were it says image-ID-goes-here you paste in the IGBrDBbynd8 ID for that video, and then YouTube will serve up the thumbnail from their site for that piece. Something I learned and share here now as part of 'paying my dues' :) Yes, the code is JUST the image-ID-goes-here , keep the 0.jpg too ok? Have a good weekend.


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