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A Pair Of Indiana Sleeping Spots


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Over the weekend I made a pleasure drive to my west that included stops at a couple of motels that have been mentioned in connection with a possible future maybe someday group outing between the Illinois and Indiana Madonnas.


I stayed at the Golden Inn near Richmond, Indiana, on Friday and it lived up to my positive memory of it. I've posted a new photo here.


Saturday was at the Woodridge Motel in Terre Haute. This is right on the National Road in a fairly convenient spot but no one here had any experience with it. Here is a picture. It was OK but it is no Golden Inn.


In terms of those motel surveys that we've all seen, the Golden Inn gets a "definitely would stay here again" and a "probably would recommend to a friend" (Recommending anything less than the Marriott to some friends is a waste of time.) The Woodridge gets a "probably would stay here again" and a "maybe would/maybe would not recommend to a friend"..

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Acceptable is a good description. It was definitely a "see before you sign" sort of place and I feared it was a motel that was simply deteriorating. Not so. The place is being maintained as shown by the recently resurfaced parking lot which the owner mentioned as a big expense.



I imagine the rooms once had two doors. Any internal evidence of a road facing door in my room was covered by the paneling but there are clues on the outside. I'm quite sure the door I entered wasn't added since you've left school (unless you've REALLY been lying about your age). The roadside rooms form the base of a 'U' and there is a separate building with another half-dozen or so rooms across the 'U's open end. All rooms open to the center.


P.S., For the curious, I've added a couple of pictures of the "far side of the Woodridge" here.

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Just curious Denny, was the rate in line with what you got?

Oops. Forgot that rather important detail. Yes, both were priced right. $44 for the Golden Inn and $40 for the Woodridge. I believe the Golden Inn would have been $50 for two people and don't know about the Woodridge in that regard.


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