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The Oyate Trail In South Dakota

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Here's one I'm guessing not a lot of people have heard of.


South Dakota's "Oyate Trail" follows the southernmost route east to west across the state. It passes through a bunch of very scenic and historic spots, a lot of them having to do with Native American history.


The trail mainly is comprised of South Dakota Highways 50 and 18, with a few little connector routes. North Sioux City and Edgemont are the Oyate Trail ending points.


Official information can be found at www.oyatetrail.com and I just posted suggestions for photographers following the trail with pictures on my blog at www.dakotagraph.blogspot.com.






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Never heard of this trail until now either. Looks like it would make one heck of a fun excursion.


Too many neat trips to make........ Too little time to make them....... Darn!

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Thanks guys. We have several very cool roads here in South Dakota. I want to get a post for my blog worked up on the Native American Scenic Byway, which travels north-south on both sides of the Missouri River through South Dakota. We've got a blizzard rolling in this afternoon, though, so I'm going to have to wait a week or so for things to get green around here. :P


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