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Virginians On The Road

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Last night I had dinner with some friends from Richmond, Virginia, who are on their way to Chicago and their first ever full length drive of Sixty-Six. This is the couple who surprised me at the Chain of Rocks last September after their "we can't possibly..." turned into a "well, if we hurry...". Wes has been a Road fan for most of his life. This is his dream trip and Dee is just as enthusiastic. Heck, I'm pretty excited myself and I'm not even going.


They will stop just outside of Chicago tonight then start down the Route Sunday morning after a breakfast at Lou Mitchell's. They will be covering the whole route over the next couple of weeks with no particular schedule (i.e., the correct schedule;-) so others along the route will no doubt see them, too. They'll be driving a 2003 Anniversary Edition Corvette coupe and grinning from ear to ear.

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Did they make it? Was there a travel blog or something?

Yes they did. But no blog or photos. Both Wes & Dee take lots of very good pictures but they're not particularly active on the web. I did get a few emails along the way. They hit Santa Monica on April 16th

WE MADE IT!!! Arrived at Santa Monica pier yesterday, and the feeling was euphoric!
and were back in Richmond on the 22nd
Home now... safe, sound, and satisfied... but, oh-so-tired.

Their notes mentioned several highlights but I think the two biggest were Sitgreaves Pass and being McJerry's first 66 visitors at his new place in Oklahoma.


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