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Historic Bridges


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It's too bad that the Florida bridge is closed. It's interesting that the barricade goes only halfway across -- it's baiting you to drive it anyway.


My other favorite road-related site, bridgehunter.com, doesn't appear to have a photo of the Hillman bridge in its database. (bridgehunter.com is a database of photos and data about historic bridges.) Consider this a plug for that great site!

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First, thanks for the comeback!!


Your observation sparked me to go back in my "archives" to February, 2007 and compare the Gillespie bridge (top) on US 80 in Arizona near Gila Bend with the Hillman (bottom)(February, 2010, at Ellaville, Florida). They are definitely similar, and it may be that on technical inspection, would be of the same engineering design. They do differ in detail, as would be expected.


I have put my photos of each up for comparison. Suey may note the "unique" pedestrian railings on the Suwannee River example.










Keep the Show on the Road!

The reason I love the bridges is that they are obvious relics of the history of the road. We have many interesting draw bridges in the delta region of California where I live, and I find the history of them as well as the mechanics of them interesting since I was a history major and am now a crane inspector and mechanic. The steel bridge with the concrete (guardrails on the approach)could be one of many in my area and the consistency of style throughout the country is interesting. I'm getting itchy to get out of the house and take some photos now!

Those concrete approaches are typical of the 20's and 30's. As we bomb along I quiz my girlfriend on the bridges and she's starting to learn the styles and eras, although she's not sure why she cares except to make me happy. She's a keeper!

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