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Dixie Highway News


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Dixie Highway news:


Why this suddenly popped up on Time.com is sort of a

mystery but perhaps they just recently provided access to

their archive:

"Monday, Oct. 19, 1925

Celebrating the completion of the Dixie Highway from Sault

Ste. Marie to Miami, after ten years of labor by the Dixie

Highway Association, a "motorcade" traveled southward

over the highway last week, waving flags and making


Well - I searched their archives and came up with this

article about Ocala:


and another about Vandalia, OH - the intersection of the

Dixie and National Highways, and the Amateur National

Trapshooting Assoc.:



Anyone ever been to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL on

the Dixie Highway? Looks like my kind of place.

Check it out at:



Norman Pepper fights to keep his giant catfish which

advertises Pepper Tackle Shop on the Dixie Highway

in Louisville, KY area, from the Courier-Journal.com:


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The Dixie Highway and National Road intersection is still marked with a sign and a variety of flags but it's all well above eye level and easily missed.



Seems I've somehow missed that Louisville catfish but will look harder (and maybe higher) the next time.

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Here's a bit of an update on Norman Pepper's catfish problems.


I stopped by on Friday and talked with Mr. Pepper and signed his list of supporters. There is a hearing coming up next Monday (the 7th). As told here, the city has also cited Hooters for some palm trees so things could get interesting. Pepper said he has been written up in twenty some news articles in the last month or so. When I asked about who had complained, he said he didn't feel at all vindictive and offered no names. Just an all around good guy, it seemed.

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