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5 Years Ago Today + Transportation Modes

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In history, exactly 5 years ago today (day, date: Sunday, 07/03/2011), I was in the midst of Day 10 of my 18-day Coast-To-Coast Road Trip, which I have been featuring with 1 pic each day. Today, I was driving from Colorado to Utah, seeing some fine scenery along roads like I-70 & US Route 6, including this sight, complete with a motor home:
I stepped outside of my comfort zone a bit more & created a Video Version of the Trivia Tuesday theme, asking about locking keys in vehicles:
Surprising: when is the last time you have seen a 1959 Biscayne!?
Close-ups of the Modes Of Transportation I drew, March-April-May 1982:
VWs, taxi, police car, etc.
house & MCs
bus, airplanes, train, boats, limo
A return to Metro City: what catches your critical, smart spying-eye radar!?
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"It almost seems like yesterday" __ Kenny Rogers __ '20 Years Ago'
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