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Guest GraceInTransit

Forum Width Issue: Solved

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Guest GraceInTransit

There are several other forums out there (like this one) who use the same forum format. (IP.Board 3.4.8) The reason I'm posting here, is because at every one of these forums, I'm having to scroll left and right in order to read topics as well as post my own.


The trouble I have is when I create a topic, I must stop, move the scroll left or right and when doing so, the scroll tends to jumps back. Thus I lose my place while entering data or simply reading. Mind you I'm old school and continue to use a small screen. It would appear that this forums format was geared towards larger/wider screens/monitors.


I've found a simple solution to this for anyone who maybe experiencing the same left/right scrolling issue, follow these directions:

  • Press and hold the "Ctrl" key
  • Using your mouse scroll/roller/wheel, roll forward or back (Do not move the mouse) this adjust (zoom in or out) the web page within your browser.
  • Done.

Now I can see and read everything over the entire page, even stuff on the right side that I've never seen before, tag clouds and more..

Also, I've just discovered something else that makes my viewing of the forum even better. Although the attached image is from another forum, both forums have the shadow box on the right side. Note the red arrow over at the top right.. this is pointing to a shadow box, which can be clicked to close the right side column area (tags, top posters etc) thus allowing for a wider view of the forum area.

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