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Save The Interstate Bridge! Send A Letter!


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Greetings fellow highway enthusiasts!


As previous posts mentioned, a process is currently underway to determine

the future of the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River. The Columbia

River Crossing Task Force (www.columbiarivercrossing.org) has been set up

and is currently discussing which alternatives to consider for further study

in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Alternatives can be

viewed on the Task Force website listed above. If alternatives that retain

the historic bridges (# 3 - 7) are not selected for further consideration,

the Interstate Bridge is a goner.


A great article about the Interstate Bridge appeared in the Winter 2003 issue

of American Road, and more historical information is available on various websites.


The time to act is now! I've prepared a template letter that you

can add your name to and send in to the Task Force. (The letter is attached.)

The next task force meeting is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, so if we

send in many letters the rest of this week and weekend, we may be able to

have an influence by this upcoming meeting. Send comments to

feedback@columbiarivercrossing.org or check the website for instructions.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Please help save this

important historic resource of Highway 99 and the Pacific Highway!



Patrick Singleton

Portland, OR



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