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Ride Down Us 49

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Another summer and another US highway clinched, this time US 49. It was a pretty short route, covering just 2 states. Through Arkansas we rode through a lot of farms, including a lot of rice fields. We also saw a really nasty tractor-trailer and apparently train accident aftermath. One truck on its side on the road near the crossing (looked like he had tried to make the turn with a bit too much speed), and another one with its trailer sliced in half and the cab pretty beat up a couple hundred feet down the tracks and lots of debris. This was my only second visit to Arkansas, and first visit in a car (the other time was on a train in June). Mississippi completed the trip with farms north of Jackson and forests to the south, ending at the water in Gulfport.


Pictures of the route can be found here: http://www.roadandrailpictures.com/us49links.htm


Here's hoping to move up to US 50 next summer.

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