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New Book On Monte Ne

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We're not plugging anything -- really.


October 9, Arcadia Publishing (the picture book people) will release a new book on Monte Ne, William Hope "Coin" Harvey's Xanadu in northwest Arkansas.


Harvey, the founder of the Ozark Trails, was a driven man and probably the most charismatic of the early named highway promoters -- sorry Carl Fisher.


But for years there were only a handful of images to the tell the story of Monte Ne, Coin's fabled Shangri-La and the epicenter of the Ozark Trails, much of which is now under water.


To correct this misfortune, author Allyn Lord worked with the Rogers Historical Museum and private collectors to compile a book of new and rare images of Monte Ne and Harvey.


This summer we made a pilgrimage to Harvey's folly. We got chills walking through the burned out Oklahoma Row Tower, covered with graffiti and detritus and reminiscent of the final scene of the Blair Witch Project.


Nearby, three Central American bachelors frolicked in the scummy green water, gripping onto the stones of Harvey's sunken amphitheater.


Aside from that, there was no one around.


Harvey's tomb sits awkwardly on the edge of a lawn at a nearby ranch house.


The entire scene is sobering, especially if you know what Harvey had in mind.




Book info:






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