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Well, 2013 has started out with a lot of road tripping for the wife and I. So far we have made the 400 mile round trip up to Washington D.C, A 700 mile round trip to Myrtle Beach through North and South Carolina, and an almost 1200 mile through Va., Md, WV and Pa. to the northwest cornwer of PA.


Puttin on a lot of miles on my Jeep Wranger. Last weekend we drove home from SC with the top down, and then this weekend it was 19 degrees and snowing like crazy as we left NW Pa. But gotta say the scenery through the backwoods of West Virginia and Maryland is incredible. Even had deer running out across the road in front of us. But my poor jeep took a stone and now I have to replace the window. Bad thing is, I just replaced it in November for the same reason.


Also took lots of pictures for "South of the Border" in S.C. a kitchy rest stop, tourist atraction that's been on the NC/SC border since 1950 where it started as a beer stand. I will post pictures later. They have some very catchy and colorful billboards with witty sllogans like "Pedro's Weather Forecast: Chili today, Hot Tomale", and "You never Sausage a place (You're Always a Wiener at Pedro's!)".


So, has anyone else started of the new year with lots of miles? And what interesting places have you seen?


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Fellow Jeep fan. I have a 2005 wrangler unlimited. Dual top, 6 sp. Love to take the doors off.

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