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Ways Of Planning Extremely Long Route?


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I am trying to plan extremely long road trip and just wondering what would be best program/website to do it. I have tested several ways to planning road:


Google maps:

+It is world wide and I can easily plan route via roads.

-there are too few checkpoints that I can add to one road. I can only plan about 1000 - 3000 mile long routes.


Community walk:

+I can plan very long route with this site.

-Roads are only images on this site, so route doesn't follow them. If you are going to fly your route, this is probably best site for it.


Microsoft route:

-I can't plan routes outside America


Delorme Street Atlas:

I haven't try this one. Can I plan long routes outside America with this?


Do you know any else program/site that I could use to plan route?

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I am going to go to America, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia. Maybe I visit North Africa and Japan, not sure about those. I just afraid that it might be easier that I just use several different sites/programs for planning (of course it would be lovely if there would be one program/site that would cover my needs, but I afraid that there isn't). Unfortunately I have noticed that road tripping isn't so popular outside America so there isn't really a cool communities or cool softwares outside America (at least not so good ones).

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Welcome, mrcap. I think you may have stumped the "panel" with that one. DeLorme Street Atlas supports Canada and Mexico although I have no experience with it in Mexico and very little in Canada. DeLorme does offer products for Europe and Asia and Streets & Trips may also. Garmin offers a large range of maps which may cover the areas you're looking at and I'm guessing that many if not all would be available for routing using their BaseCamp software. The few world travelers I've any knowledge of seem to use Google for presentation, which is usually at a fairly high level, and some of everything, including a lot of paper maps, for planning. I suspect that, even if you find a single software product that covers the entire required area, it will have some limit on length or number of waypoints or something. That means breaking it into a series of legs but that's probably a good idea anyway.

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I always divide my road trips into separate plans for each day. After I figure out what area I want to spend each night, I then create separate files/routes as I plan each day. Otherwise it does get too hard to manage. I can't imagine trying to generate one itinerary over multiple continents and weeks without breaking it down.

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