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Freeway Lifestyle Nears A Dead End

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This is an interesting read about the Interstate system in California. It mainly glamorizes the evil-I, but yet can't help but put some focus on the negative aspects...or at least, as it talks about the negative aspects, it is oblivious to them! The "new Main Street?" :huh:




Freeway lifestyle nears a dead end



By Patrick May

Mercury News


For a state that found its soul in its super highways, California is marking the 50th anniversary of the interstate system in pure California fashion -- racing straight ahead, top down, forever dreaming of the fast lane.


Stretching from mountain to ocean, threading through shipping ports that connect us to the world, our two dozen interstates form the spine and sinew of the California Dream. They helped make us who we are, fueled our love of freedom and passion for thinking big, then told our story to the world through cop shows and chase films. They've spawned a monster economy linking America to China, India and beyond. And they continue to beckon us toward innovation, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley.


To read the complete article, click here: Freeway lifestyle nears a dead end

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After reading that, all I can say is... "I don't think so."


California has approximately 37.5 million people and the 8th largest economy in the world as of 2006. (Source) When you have a $1.6 Trillion economy and exports totaling $117 billion (in 2005), you need highways. As the old saying goes, "America moves by truck" and trucks need highways. But America also moves by trains, ships, and cargo planes. All of which are plentiful in California. Have no fear, highways are not going anywhere in California. Wait a second... That didn't come out right. Well, you know what I mean... :P

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