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Saint Paul, Mn To Los Angeles, Ca

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Hi. I am new here and joined because we will be moving from Saint Paul, MN to Los Angeles, CA early next month. I would like to know the best route to take considering we just want to get from here to there in the best and shortest way possible. My mom and I are driving, and it is the first time we are driving this far. Thanks.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the forum!!


Typically, we love back roads and US highways - the slow, scenic routes. But then, much of our discussion revolves around leisurely vacation travel, not necessary travel from Point A to Point B, and certainly not in the winter. If it were me, as much as I love the back roads and loathe the Interstate (what I refer to as the "Evil I,"), for a trip like this, given the area you're traveling through, the time of year, and the fact that you are trying to get to your destination quickly, I think an Interstate route would be best and safer. I quickly calculated a route using my DeLorme XMap software, and it came up with taking I-35 south out of St. Paul to I-80 east in Des Moines; take I-80 through Nebraska to I-76 in Colorado, then hook up with I-70 in Denver; take I-70 through Utah, then I-15 south through Nevada and into California, then State Road 210 into L.A. Total: 1,928 miles 32 hrs. 55 min. driving time (excludes stops and overnights).


Being that I'm TOTALLY unfamiliar with that area of the country and the real conditions of the area in December, someone else on this forum can surely offer a better opinion; but even though it would take longer, I'd personally opt to go as far south as possible out of Minnesota, then head west. I have been through the mountains in Pennsylvania on US 22 at the beginning of April and gotten stuck in a snowstorm! I couldn't imagine heading through Colorado and Utah in December...you might try this instead (it only increases your miles to 2,115 and drive time to 36 hours, 12 minutes):


Take I-35 south to Oklahoma City, and then pick up I-40 west all the way to California. In Barstow, you will hook up with I-15, then the route to L.A. is the same....at that point, you're on the home stretch.


You do risk snow along that route too, but if you have to drive, I'd guess your chances are way better of avoiding snow by taking this route, than through Colorado and Utah! And, if you feel like slowing the pace a little or jumping off the Interstate, you could always follow a little Route 66. From OKC, this route is right next to 66 (in some cases on top of it!).


Either way, have a safe journey and a good trip. Good luck with your move!

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