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Happy 200th, Abraham

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Yesterday marked the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the namesake of the Lincoln Highway.


The Chicago Tribune ran an "If Abe were able to celebrate 200" including things he would like and wouldn't. Steve Johnson wrote this.


What Lincoln Would Like Least:


** Horseless carriage named after him intended for the wealthy.


** The way everybody just says "87" instead of "Four score and seven."


** Wouldn't have been caught dead in the shoes the Lincoln Memorial has him in.


** Key lesson of the Gettysburg Address--brevity--apparently lost on Ken Burns.


** Still confused about digital TV transition.


** A penny? Come On.


I think Abe would have appreciated the list and found humor in it.


I'm sure he would have been honored to have the first transcontinental road named after him.

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