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It's Here! The U.s. 80 Drive Guide Thru The American Southwest!


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HI all: Jeff Jensen from Tucson here. I've dropped off the boards for a couple of years because I was working on this:


The Broadway of America: the Bankhead and U.S. 80 Highways across the American Southwest The drive guide is here!


Folks, I've done the research, I've done the roadwork, I've taken the pictures and I've drawn the maps. All you have to do now is come along for the ride! I've uploaded a sample to the web. I invite you to visit and take a peek at my website here:




or at my main bygonebyways.comwebsite.


I really believe that this will become a MUST have for any serious roadie and I'm really excited to be able to share this with you. As the owner of literally dozens of guides, I've taken what I feel are the best ideas and combined them into one guide for old Highway 80. Some of these ideas include:


>easily accessible 'tours' which are not defined by a set number of miles etc or county lines, but logical entry and exit points onto other major roads.

> color coded 'factoid' boxes that accompany the text but don't intrude into the text. You won't get bogged down in too many details...unless you want to.

>description of roadside attractions and nearby sightseeing tours.

>literally hundreds of my own color photos, antique postcards, vintage advertisements, etc. You'll feel like you've been there!

>written in an east to west manner, there is also a west to east segment.

>and most importantly, in the back, a 'just the facts, ma'am' map section. No distracting narrative, just extremely detailed maps which utilize a consistent color-coded system that allows one to see at a glance the evolution of the old auto trails and Highway 80 through any given area.

>within each map, numbers identify specific points or items of interest such as bypassed alignments, abandoned bridges, roadside attractions, etc. You won't miss a thing!


I look forward from hearing from all of you and receiving feedback on my efforts.



Jeff in Tucson

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