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  1. I guess 58 isn't really a scenic hwy but I'm still planning on taking it from Santa Margarita CA over to Barstow, CA. I'm on a very, very tight string budget so am looking for clean, safe places to stay at night on this route as well as reststops, gas stations etc. Don't need bells/whistles...just clean/safe!
  2. I'm planning a trip from San Jose, CA to Arkansas. I'd love to be able to leisurely take this trip via two lane roads instead of the interstates if at all possible. I don't have to visit tourist places unless something strikes me such as antiques. I'd like to be able to know where to stop for a hotel or motel before it gets dark so that I can possibly reserve a room ahead of time to avoid no vacancy. Once I get to Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas, I'm in familiar territory but up till then, need some some. The trip doesn't have to be a straight shot as long as it gets me there and it is via the two lane roads and/or less traveled roads etc. Would appreciate any advise. IW
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