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  1. This is cool! My brother & sister in law will be happy to see these & consider buying one. Congrats.
  2. I've been notified that some great photos of some bridges have been posted on the Hwy 99 yahoogroup: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/High...yguid=176796196 To see the pix, use username 'cuon999' & password 'onetime'
  3. Hi Jim, I hope Mike Ballard pipes in! Shasta lake is actually a reservoir built between 1937 & 1945. From what I gather on the yahoogroups Hwy 99 forum, these bridges were covered by the lake, as it filled. What interests me is whether the bridges were 'demolished & debris left' or 'covered by the water, intact'. Also, Hwy 99 in north Los Angeles County is covered by another reservoir, Pyramid Lake. I've read the highway remnants run deep there Sidenote: Along the same time of 1938 to 1945, the Kentucky River Dam was built & 2 towns were abandoned when the lake started to fill. If you ever get to visit the Kentucky dam, they've got got a nice museum & tour area. In the museum area are pictures of the towns with the water rising. The buildings were standing, even with business signage attached to the buildings. So, that heightens my interest as to what is under Lake Shasta & Lake Pyramid. Kevin
  4. Well, this would be a first for me. But, I'll give it a try! I've heard that Lake Shasta level is quite low & 5 or 6 Hwy 99 bridges are exposed, no longer covered by the lake. I'll be driving by there in December & I'll try to get a few pix of that area, too.
  5. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-th...1&cset=true
  6. Article that I received from a friend ( a fan of Rt 6) in Meadville, Pa. http://www.meadvilletribune.com/local/loca..._256225437.html Kevin
  7. I've been on the mend from some throat & nose surgery last Wednesday. The doctor says I'm doing great but the doctor is feeling what I'm feeling. Hopefully, next week's 2nd post op appt will be better than today's. I got this URL from a friend who is now 71. He worked in the TV production biz, his first job was a cable puller for "Highway Patrol" with Broderick Crawford. Some of my best days at work for me was when I could get him to tell stories of his early days in TV production in the 50s & 60s. His story of his first day on the job & how Broderick Crawford stood up for him had me rolling. I'll try to get him to share it or get his ok for me to. Anyway, here is the Burma Shave site he sent. Animated, but still brings back memories & smiles. http://oldfortyfives.com/DYRT.htm Kevin
  8. Most Walmarts welcome overnight parking & not RVing. his has become a problem for some cities & Walmarts that usually ends up creating a no overnight parking ban. Unless there is a mechanical issue, one night should be the limit. No BBQs or lawn chairs out or awnings pulled out. Walmart is great for pulling in late in the afternoon & being gone before the buisness day rush & leaving the area where parked, better than I found it. However, there is nothing to stop one from moving their RV to another business lot with their approval. In fact, we've stayed in a church parking lot mid week w/o an issue when campgrounds were not available. One other note. The Route 66 Casino in New Mexico is good for parking. And, does allow a view of the Rio Puerco Bridge. Kevin
  9. Love this! My wife & I were on the I5 south in Santa Clarita to get to the 14 fwy here in SoCal. Traffic was backed up. We took the the Old Rd (Hwy 99) to Sierra Hwy & this is the first time to see a Route 6 sign. This road goes From Long Beach to Bishop & heads west? Cool! More stuff to look up & consider for future travels. I do love the fact that these is stuff I didn't know & that I can learn about. We're in the Santa Clarita/Castaic, Ca area. Hope it's ok to add to these quiet threads. Kevin
  10. Yes, there is 2 sides to this! I think most important, is Bo. A dog, I would think? Try dogfriendly.com. It shows friendly places to dine, dogfriendly places to motel overnight, dogfriendly RV parks & dog activities. MY wife & I on our quick runs to Oregon do overnight at Quinta Inn. The dogs do get distracted witht he doors of the other rooms & other noises. We do a 'mindset' expect that type of thing will happen & still enjoy the trip. La Quinta offers a continental breakfast & some will bring their dogs down at that time. This point where conversations can be made. But, most did not travel by car but flew & are in for business. Still small talk can lead to some great dialog. I do not advocate buying a motorhome for one trip. There is a lot to learn & things do break. If not mechanically inclined, this will become a trip to nowhere fun. However, there are a number of RVers that are more than willing to provide good advice & help if they find out you are new to RVing. There are 2 websites to check parks (http://www.rvparkreviews.com/) & service (http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp). Be willing to think about keeping & using the RV. Please note,nothing will age an RV more than non use,inside & out. Kevin Read Jack Burke's post above for some good ideas.
  11. I agree, its all about perspective. I think even 6 years ago, I wouldn't not have considered a motorhome. But, I'll try to rebuttal your 7 points above.. a- Our 10 year old MH cost us $50,000. What is the value of your vette? The previous owner kept the MH garage kept & it looks pretty darn good! Like a classic car, it can be painted & the interior remodeled. Even on my blue color income, I can budget that. The MH is fun to drive & 'ugly' is in the eye of the beholder. (Some year vettes are better looking to me than others). It does require careful driving & the slower the speed the better,but isn't that how a blue highway should be driven? b- Yes, my mileage of our 36' MH, at best, is 9.5 MPG pulling a Honda CRV. However, I am not paying nightly fees to stay in a room I may need to inspect. Also, if we choose we eat in or out. If we choose to eat in, most of the time the food has been prepared at home, vacuum sealed & frozen. We simply microwave the item when we're ready to dine. Not every night is geared to pulling out the BBQ or using the convection/microwave oven. So, I'd say on a normal days travel, our budgets are even or better than yours. c- I'm actually surprised at the cost of my insurance is. Consider a new SUV is $40,000. (I have no idea what a new vette costs). Maintenance on a MH is like maintenance on a house or a car. I do a lot of the work myself. I feel each repair saves me $200. MY MH has not been prone to many costly repairs if I was to have sent it to a mechanic. d- Our MH has some tax write off advantages. Even in California our one time tax was $900 & our yearly registration is $300. Again, comparable to buying, let's say an Tahoe or Escalade. e- We do have the privilege of parking our MH on our property. Our daughter & son-in-law do not in Portland. Their monthly cost to park their MH on a private lot is $40. Also, while traveling Walmarts, Cracker barrel restaurants & other businesses will let you park & sleep overnight, no charge. However, we do make a point of spending some of our $ there. f- Emptying the tanks is not a big challenge. It doesn't sound like a pretty job, either. My wife & I can go 5 days (& a day or 2 more) before emptying the grey & black tanks & refilling the fresh water. We usually just stay at an RV park & do this. However, there are truck stops with sites for dumping & filling for fresh waster. g- Most RVs have battery, inverter & generator power. There is simply no need to hook up & disconnect for short periods of time. Again, a motel can inspect great until you get an unruly visitor next to your room or above or below you. There was one time when I had a noisy neighbor at a park. I went outside & asked if I could help with anything. The reply was a cordial 'no' & the noise stopped. Again, I'm not trying to convince or convert anyone on RVing. It is a personal choice However, you may want to see this attachment. There is some money involved here. (Not mine)
  12. White Castles were available in the freezer section at markets in most states. Their website shows restaurants in the midwest to NY state. Frozen burgers just can't be the same as fresh
  13. It's definitely no tale! In fact, when we make our gumball runs to Portland for holidays & birthdays, etc, we are asked to stop at the most northern In N Out in Redding & get a number of burgers. This turns into quite a scene since we take our 2 dogs with us & we're packed into our Honda SUV to complete the 7 hour drive. It then takes many weeks of Frebreze & Lysol treatments to eliminate the aroma from the Honda. The cardboard pine tree freshener from the mirror doesn't stand a chance. Sigh...I no longer eat these in the quantities that I used to. I opted to drop 60 pounds from February to June to avoid using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Waist size went from a tight 41 to a loose 34. And wouldn't you know it, all my blood levels became acceptable & I feel pretty darn good. However, I have not given up the occasional Foster Freeze Twister...as a meal replacement.
  14. Our daughter was requested a few years back to return to Portland from SoCal with a number of In N Out Burgers. I ducted taped a cooler with these burgers inside. Our daughter said that there was a numner of conversations of the tempting aroma in the plane. If this SWA plane is still in service, it probably still has the Burger scent in it.
  15. Save enough $ to get an In N Out T shirt. I have not seen a bad shirt from there. When in December will you be there? I may consider a drive to have a meal with you. BTW, find the Silverton casino & take in the Bass Pro Shop if you have some free time. However, I can't imagine that Illinois & Michigan don't have a good local burger. So, what's the secret there? I've heard about the White Castle Burgers being their own special type of burger.
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