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  1. WVFoto, great shot of a great road! My wife spent a year living in DC about 2 years back and we would do a road trip every time I got out there (did blue ridge, skyline, a lot of WV, amish country, etc). I love it out there!
  2. My wife finally convinced me to start a website for our trips, I found it easier to create a blog. So far we only have two on there, but eventually I have about a dozen to add (including a few cross country, and one x-country trip that was 2 weeks and all on two lane roads; many east coast drives like Natchez, Blue Ridge, and Skyline as well). here it is guys http://wideopentraveler.blogspot.com
  3. It was a great show, I really hope they'll continue and cover more of the country
  4. Looking to Drive all the way up there
  5. of course I want to DRIVE all the way
  6. Hello, my names Scott and have been a reader of this magazine for a few years. I'm about to finish school in 2 weeks and am looking at a good road trip to wind me down for a week or two. I'm thinking Alaska, i've driven through the majority of our country and figure this may be one of the only chances I have to get that far North. I'm looking for any info possible some of you may have. Thanks in Advance!
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