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  1. Culver's is also in the DFW area, and one of the northern treats down here that helps my Yankee husband and I to survive the Texas heat. Very good quality food, and absolutely yummy frozen custard! Valli
  2. Here's Route 66 on the Air information from the Route 66 Association of Missouri, and in Illinois with the Sangamon Valley Amateur Radio Club as well. http://www.missouri66.org/amateur_radio_route_66.html "Route 66 on the Air, September 8-17th, 2006" Amateur Radios Operators nationwide will Celebrate Route 66 on the Air September 8th thru 17th. Ham radio operators will set up their stations along the old Route 66 and talk to other stations worldwide. Most have a Special Event Callsign sought after by other operators. " Dave Rust (W0DLR) writes "My usual amateur radio call is W0DLR (W zero DLR), however, I have applied for a Special Callsign of W0D (W zero D) for the event. Most operators use a Callsign like W6A, W6B, etc. Using the 6 to designate the Route 66. We all look forward to these Special Events, my plan is to set up a portable station around Halltown, Missouri. Halltown still has the original old General Store that has seen thousands of vehicles pass by". In Illinois, the Sangamon Valley Amateur Radio Club will also run a statiion event. See info at their club page http://www.svrc.org Valli N8QVT
  3. Along with being avid Rt 66 roadies, my hubby Harry and I are ham radio operators. Here's news of a very special Route 66 amateur radio event that happens each September. If you're a ham, or know a neighbor, family member, friend or anyone who is a ham, please join in the fun and fellowship of this "on the air" Route 66 adventure! Here's a quick look at the event: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Route_66_on_the_Air The Citrus Belt Radio Club of San Bernardino CA is one of big event sponsors. They usually have a lot of event info. at their home page at http://www.qsl.net/w6jbt/ During this event, ham radio operators in many of the Route 66 states are on the air on shortwave (HF, or high frequency) radio frequencies, and happy to talk and visit with other radio operators, vistors and the public at their events, "F2F" or on the radio. I'll post more details as I get them. Safe travels, Valli N8QVT
  4. I am a Streets and Trips fan, use it a lot for work and leisure travel. Since I travel to small and big towns, doing library workshops, I need it to find libraries in somewhere's-ville, some-state-out-there-somewhere. I've got the new 2006 version with the little GPS finder, but haven't gotten around to using it yet. Any tips from anyone on that? Yahoo! My hubby and I are off to OKC this weekend, since I have workshops at the Metropolitan Library there on Monday. We'll visit Beverly's Pancake House and a few other vintage favorites along old US 66 on the northwest side of town. Safe travels, Valli
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