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  1. Thanks for all of the great information. The GPS files will come in handy. I made my own files but I will take both sets on my GPS system. The request page would have saved me some leg work but I found much of what I needed through web searches. I am taking off on Monday, July 20th morning for a nine day trip on the LH. The trip will begin in downtown Pittsburgh and will go for there! I am not certain how far west I will make it from Pittsburgh because I need to leave a few days to get on the super slabs to beat it home. http://hutmo.blogspot.com/ Hutmo
  2. Denny, Thanks for the welcome. I order Brian's books "Greetings" and also the Highway Companion. I have to say that the highway companion will be very useful indeed. I would love to see your Garmin Routes. I am working on Ohio and Indiana but I am not putting in any POI's mainly just the routes. My goal is to use the GPS to get me through the towns where there are bunch of turns. My email is hutmo at_yahoo_dot_com Thanks for any help that you can provide. Chris
  3. This summer I am taking my Road King and going on a solo Trip across the country on the Lincoln Highway. I did RT 66 a few years back and last year I did Skyline drive and the Blueridge from North to South. This trip will allow me cross a few more few classic roads off of my to do list. As for the trip Route... I found the online trip route that the MVPA is planning on using. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this route that the Army used in 1919 on the Lincoln Highway according to their web? I am planning on using a Garmin 2730 for navigation since it has XM radio capability. I know the Rt66 sites have downloads for GPS available. Has anyone done this for the LH? Camping - I plan on doing a fair amount of camping out to lower cost. Are there may campgrounds along the route? Thanks for your help/input. I look forward to contributing to this forum as much as possible. Best regards, HUTMO Cranberry Twp... just north of Pittsburgh, PA