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  1. I wasn't sure where this topic should be placed as I was assuming "Other Roads" could also mean off road. But as a two year going on three member of this forum, I thought it best to let everyone know that we (our family) doesn't travel any normal route when going from destination to destination. often we simply turn onto an side road which leads up to an adventure of a dead end. Most of the time, it's an adventure. Even though I say off road, most of the roads we tend to travel on are not listed as off road trails or theme park trails. Most of these roads are listed as "service roads" or "old logging roads". Even though these roads are not paved, the state still maintains the roads for travels and residents in the area who use these roads on a regular bases. One such road which I'll blog about shortly once I get all the data organized, is the New River Gorge road in West Virginia. Again listed a service road.. a local ATV club has adopted this service road as one of their off road adventures. Carefully placing small obstructions in or near the road, make some areas of the road nearly impassable. Limiting the mostly grave road to smaller vehicles. An average size Jeep or small truck even a car can manage this road. But again, I fill in the details within the blog. So as many here may or may not be trail roaders, soft roaders or soft trailers.. What roads have you discovered that aren't on the map or just not meant for a typically traveler?. This is why I created this area, for American Road members to post newly discovered trails or roads which aren't restricted to the average traveler. Have a trail, gravel, muddy road you'd like to list? Place it here, I'd like to know.
  2. Great to have you along. As for not being able to or knowing how to blog isn't that difficult. Just treat it as if you're talking to yourself or writing a diary, But you're doing this online and for all to see.
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