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  1. The Bee Line route I'm referring to was West of the cascades and an alternative to using Highway 99. It roughly followed the roads shown near the red line I've drawn on the map. South of Lebanon, I'm a little less sure of it's route, but I remember signs on a road leading to Brownsville.....
  2. Back in the late 50's, or at least before Interstate 5 was constructed, one would see road signs designating roads in the Willamette Valley as being a part of the "Bee Line Route", a North/South alternative to using Highway 99, which prior to Interstate five was incredibly crowded and slow moving, and mostly two lane. Accidents could tie things up for hours, in both ways. In any case, I used to remember these signs (which had a cartoon bee on them) along the roads when I was a child, and remember hearing that it was "assembled" from existing roads along the Eastern side of the valley as an alternative to Highway 99. The idea being to reduce congestion on the overburdened highways Fast forward to the age of the internet, and I thought I'd try to find some mention of it, but it seems to have vanished without a trace: I can find not a single mention of this anywhere. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this, or has any suggestions as to where I might look. Thanks!
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