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  1. Hi City Boy...thanks for sharing your pics with us. You may not have realizd it at the time, but when you were in Dallas going under the RR overpass heading into the downtown area, you were on Commerce St. which was once the City/Business U.S. 80 route through town and as you headed south out of the downtown area over the Houston St. viaduct, you were on the old Bankhead Highway/Broadway of America/Dixie Oveland and original U.S. 80 routings through the area.


    I'm envious of your trips through southern Texas...most of which I have never seen. Perhaps at your leisure, you could drop me a line at my bygonebyways.com website with some of your shots of those old gas stations/diners etc from your trip and I could then post them to the web (with your permission of course).



    jeff in Tucson

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