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  1. Yeah, that would be nice. Thanks. By the way, the official pole marker submission to Minnesota DOT shows black letters on the white-red-white pole marker. Is that what the brochures show?
  2. Two points. The NPH seems to head into Seattle by going north completely around Lake Washington via Bothell, whereas the Yellowstone Trail is usually shown crossing from Kirkland to Seattle via the Kirkland Ferry. [bTW, Moss Bay Neighborhood Assn has some great period photos of the ferry: http://mossbay.org/historicpix/index.htm] A few of my Rand McNally auto trail maps show the NPH going to both Mr. Rainier, and all the way south to Crater Lake in Oregon along with the National Park to Park Highway. Did the NPH Assn consider this part of their highway? I know that a lot of the roads down in my area, such as the Lee Highway and Old Spanish Trail, terminated in San Diego, whereas maps often showed them continuing up El Camino Real to Los Angeles or even San Francisco.
  3. Dave, Sorry, no I didn't buy the NPH map. Was it a National Highways Association map? I don't have an ebay search for National Parks Highway, so I didn't see it. I'm interested in all the old auto trails, but some of them can be very confusing. I'm actually compiling lists by state to make it easier on myself to trace each highway. I'm working on Washington now, as it's one of the simplest. I know that UC Berkeley has this map that I may get a scan of someday: Map of the National Parks Transcontinental Highway : Northwest Trail, the Red Trail. Imprint Washington : National Highways Association, c1915. As for the US 2 path through Newport, it just seemed logical as a possible highway branch, especially as several auto trails already went that way. Nobody said anything about it being an NPH branch. I was just making sure. Interestingly, it seems that the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway may have gone via that NPH route through Rathdrum, Idaho to Spokane in the earlier days. By 1924 or 1925 it had definitely shifted to the US 2 route.
  4. That area of Montana had a lot of variations in the later 1920s. All the highways, except for perhaps the Yellowstone trail, seem to have altered paths between Bozeman and Missoula. Looking at most of my maps, it seems safe to say that the two main branches of the NPH through Idaho were a southern branch following the Yellowstone Trail (future U.S. 10), and a northern branch following old U.S. 2 and then U.S. 95 as far south as Athol, ID, at which point it followed the rail line to Rathdrum, ID, then current Idaho route 53 and Washington route 290 to Spokane. The third branch, which does not always show on auto trails maps, went directly from Missoula to Sandpoint, ID along the railroad line parallel to the Clark Fork River (not current Montana route 200, even though the road existed in the 1920s and had better surfacing). I don't think I have any maps showing the NPH ever going via old US 195 (now US 2) through Newport, WA. Steve
  5. Does anyone know why the branches existed in the NPH? The Rand McNally maps show three branches coming into Washington from Idaho. I'm assuming the Idaho branches had to do with Glacier N. P.. Besides route maps, is there written documentation concerning these branches? Steve
  6. The left red point seems OK, but the one in the rest stop needs to come down just a tad. Right below your white line notice a line of bushes in the V as the freeway lanes come back together. That's old asphalt. Here are some photos of this area from two years ago. Photos 49-55 are of the asphalt in the rest area. 2007 US 80 Photo Galleries
  7. Oh, so you got that sign. I was watching that one. Any chance you could send a photo of it? The road does not seem to appear in the 1925 Rand McNally auto trails atlas. My 1924 Official Illinois state auto trail map (made by Rand McNally) does show it, but two 1925 Iowa maps I have do not. I looked at my 1923 auto trail map of the US, and it shows the road only going from Chicago to Kansas City. I have no maps showing it going to the Gulf Coast. If someone has any pre 1925 Kansas or Texas auto trail maps, these could be consulted. These are the cities as the maps indicate for the route: Chicago -- west, likely on Madison, but possibly on Lake Oak Park Forest Park Maywood -- seems to end up on St. Charles a bit to the north, likely in Maywood somewhere Glen Ellyn (seems to be today's North Glen Ellyn) -- Geneva Rd West Chicago -- Washington St -- Joins the Lincoln Hwy (IL 38) Geneva Maple Park Cortland DeKalb Malta Creston Rochelle Ashton Franklin Grove Dixon -- Hwy 2 Sterling -- Lincolnway Galt -- Galt Rd Como -- Leaves Lincoln Hwy -- Moline Rd Lyndon Erie Hillsdale Wake ? -- Hwy 92 East Moline Moline Rock Island -- Centenial Bridge == Iowa == Davenport -- evidently original US 6 West Liberty -- US 6 Iowa City -- likely Iowa 1 south Washington Brighton Richland -- ?? Ottumwa -- likely Co Rd H41 Blakesburg -- ?? possibly following the rail line all the way southwest Centerville -- likely Co Rd J46 or rail line Seymour == Missouri == Powersville -- seems to be following the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul and Pacific Harris Galt Chillicothe Braymer Polo Lawson Excelsior Springs Liberty Kansas City ---------------------
  8. An article in the San Diego Union Tribune written by Jack Brandais: Weekend Driver: 80 at 80 Jack is also selling some US 80 merchandise on his Cafepress page: Weekend Driver Highway 80 Shop Parsa "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough." - Abraham Lincoln .
  9. Great news. The County of San Diego was so enthusiastic about the new historic route status of US 80 that they decided to make and install 28 historic route signs along the route. You can see a photo of one sent to me on my news page: http://www.americanroads.us/news.html (click for a larger view) The signs we designed have a sponsor section at the bottom, but since the county paid for the signs, they are the more standard brown signs. I hope all the cities on the route are this cool. For those using Internet Explorer for Windows, I've added some more hacks to my web site that correct for bugs in IE (silly Microsoft, that makes 5 or 6 now). Everything should scroll properly now. Here's my US 80 California page: http://www.americanroads.us/ushighways/ushighway80CA.html Note the provisional drive maps. I'm working on the last one now. Steve
  10. Hi folks, Below are the links to my recently uploaded information on US 80 in California, and my photo tour through the state. US 80 in California US 80 California photo tour Steve Varner (aka "Parsa")
  11. For Details, Contact: Eric Lund San Diego East Visitors Bureau Phone (619) 992-8989 San Diego East Visitors Bureau 5005 Willows Road, Ste. 208 Alpine CA 91901 Phone 619-445-0180 Fax 619-445-0880 ________________________ San Diego East Visitors Bureau News Release Historic Highway 80 Becomes Official: State Resolution Passes to Establish Historic Route, Celebration Announced Resolution Passes State Assembly and the Senate to recognize new Historic Highway Route 80, the "Sunshine Route". Visitors to be provided with a new East-West experience. _______________________________________________________________ San Diego, August 31st, 2006: The San Diego East Visitors Bureau working with State and local public officials has successfully sponsored a State Resolution recognizing an almost forgotten highway route 80 as a new State Historic Route. What it means for San Diego and Imperial Valley is that visitors may now be provided with new opportunities to discover the many unique destinations and history along this fascinating stretch of road. On October 21st, the San Diego East Visitors Bureau is organizing a ribbon cutting celebration involving many communities along the highway beginning at Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego. The public is invited to retrace the historic route, and enjoy the celebrations taking place in San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon, Alpine, and finishing at Viejas Casino for a classic car show. From the East, the public and classic car clubs will be starting in Yuma and driving through El Centro, Blythe, Jacumba, and finally arriving at Viejas for the celebration and the classic car show. Highway 80 turns 80: The public is invited to celebrate the 80th birthday and opening of the State of California recognized historic route for the "Historic Route 80 turns 80 Celebration! From 7:00 am until 3:00 pm, retracing the historic highway route 80 from both San Diego and Imperial Valley on October 21st, 2006, just bring your family and your car and join in on the fun. The events" journey will finish the trip at the "Viejas Rods & Rides" Classic Car show from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm at Viejas Casino parking lot, a part of the "Historic Route 80 turns 80 Celebration". What is significant about historic route 80 is the grand history and unique communities that visitors can enjoy as they explore and retrace the route. Highway 80 was the main East-West connection for the United States established in 1926 as a transcontinental highway from San Diego, California to Savannah, Georgia. The highway was also known as the "Sea to Sea Highway", the "Boulevard of the Americas" and the "Sunshine Highway" through the years. In San Diego, many surprises and interesting destinations await the traveler on this nostalgic road of the past. From the West, visitors who start at Seaport Village downtown can visit the museums of Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, see the El Cajon Blvd. Classic Car Collections, historic downtown La Mesa antique shops, El Cajon restaurants, arts and culture, the Alpine Historic Exhibits and miles of scenic country sides along the way to Viejas. Travelers may also continue the journey to discover many other San Diego East County destinations, including beautiful county parks, hot springs, boutique dining, Native American gaming and unique locations that seem to have been waiting for years to beckon new travelers along the nostalgic historic highway route 80. A new non-profit organization has been formed to help promote and market the route with the San Diego East Visitors Bureau, the "Historic Highway 80 Corporation" will work to establish new signage and to create visitor brochures and maps, and improve their website at www.oldhighway80.com to help guests learn about and enjoy the historic highway. The San Diego East Visitors Bureau also plans to promote return loop trips that will take travelers back to San Diego through Julian and Ramona or returning through Campo and Potrero and Imperial Valley. For additional historic highway 80 event information guests may contact the San Diego East Visitors Bureau toll free 1-800-463-0668 or 619-445-0180.
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