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  1. Dominic

    In Search An American Diner

    Jason Thats great!!! I am looking at a spot about 1 mile south of White Lake Road on the west side Thanks again
  2. Dominic

    In Search An American Diner

    Pat Thank you for the info about Jerry's Diner I called him and left him a message. Jason I am planing on putting the Diner south of Fenton MI off Old US23. Thanks again everyone Dominic
  3. Dominic

    In Search An American Diner

    Hello I am in search of a Diner to relocate, restore and operate in Michigan. I would prefer an O'Mahony from the late 30's but I am open to any stainless style diner. If any one knows of any abondon? for sale? or to be demolished diners I would greatly appreciate any information. As I am in Michigan I would prefer to locate one in the mid west. The photo attached is a beautiful example of one restored in Utah. Any one that helps me find a diner get's a free meal a day for a year after we open..... Your welcome to call me at (586) 855-0139 Thanks Dominic Bertolini