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    horses, art, computers, linux, ad barns, ghost signs, minimic architecture, covered bridges, historical structures, furnances, travel, mountains, outdoors.

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  1. Denny: Firefox has a great RSS add-on "Sage" but I wasn't aware that Thunderbird has an RSS feed. I'll be sure to check it. (BTW Thunderbird is also available on Linux, and Winders However, I agree with you, on the scrolling, that's what Sage does with Firefox, and at times I too miss an entry. Hopefully Tbird's will be better. - Kc
  2. Oh yes, found it several years ago. It has new stuff too. - Kc
  3. Ripley's comic strip always comes out with some doozies, but saw today a set of travel related stuff that I thought you'd like to see, and possible see in future trips. http://assets.comics.com/dyn/str_strip/000...265468.full.gif Strip home here Enjoy! - Kc
  4. If Kentucky did that, I'd have to raise my apprasial fees. I'm an appraiser in Kentucky and between I, and my super we log 1,000s of miles a year simply because people can't bring their houses to us to appraise. If they did such, they <I>have to have exceptions</I> Much like the gas ration stamps of the 40s. Some of us have to be in the car to make a living. - Kc
  5. Boy that was a shock. I was up at 5am to go to CE classes, and felt it too. I'm in Maysville, KY. I too thought at first it was a strong wind, but when the house bounced up and down like a jackhammer was hitting it, then that rumble I knew what it was. I went though the one about 20 years ago where the building I was in *swayed*. I didn't feel the 1980 Sharpsburg quake as I was in a car then. Funny also didn't feel the aftershock either even though I was in a building in Lexington, KY then. Just a bit of fun here No damage, and hey Babyboomerbob, you missed out on the fun! - Kc
  6. I tend to agree with Dave. I saw the Mythbuster's episode as well. The best advice is to not run the yellow light, for I dont' think they'll get you for a green light. If then, then you got a complaint. Also they did an episode on how to beat speed radar, and lazers. Nothing worked there too. The only way is to keep your speed at/below the posted speed limits. - Kc
  7. Great post, Bob! Loved how you lead us around and the pictures are great as always . Keep on trotting - Kc
  8. Great post, as usual, B! . I look foward to the day I'm in Zanesville, according to Denny. Rockin Robin has spoiled me rotten, so now I want to try all of those type of places. I'll be posting pictures soon on my web shots account, just a bit busy for reasons you know (hehe) Boy I'm glad AR got an RSS feed, reading it every day now. - Kc
  9. Pat: Thanks for the help . Yes, if you can please pass it on. If you need my e-mail address, just ask. Looking foward to your idea, sounds like what I need
  10. Hi folks: I'm not sure if this is a good place for this, so if it isn't tell me to drive off, and I will Anyway, I'm setting up my roading section of my web site, and would like your advice on the start-page's fonts. A place I found here has some nice fonts. I pre-loaded it with the title, so you can get an idea of how it'd look on my site. What fonts do you think conveys a feeling of history, before say 1960s or such. The one section of my site, deals with traveling over the old backroads, to see things you won't see on highways. Things like covered bridges, museums, an odd mailbox, a surprise that you didn't expect. Think of the movie 'Cars' as an example too. I've got an idea for about a dozen fonts, but need to really narrow it down. Thanks for the help! - Kevin
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