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  1. Somehow I seem to have missed you in Victorville, as well! (I'm RoadsRediscovered on Swa's Rte 66 forum) It's good to hear someone else has made it into Cajon Pass off the interstate, but which route are you referring to? All my research and experience suggests that the first paved road built in 1914 and likely paved in the late teens isn't really accessible at all except on foot. I hiked to the remnants of that road that formed the early alignment of 66 and the remnant of the three-lane alignment built in the early 30s at the very top of the pass, but that's only accessible to government and utility company vehicles through a locked gate on the left-hand side of NB I-15. The toll road actually dates from the 1860s when John Brown was contracted to widen the Old Spanish Trail through the pass in order to make it viable for wagon use.
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