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  1. http://wp.me/p18dfZ-ee This is the most recent post on the subject. The blog is now working its way back towrds the west. Grover
  2. KMZ and KML files of this topic Say folks, I have a file consisting of all of my waypoints in Google Earth KMZ and KML file format. If anyone would like to play with them and give me feedback, just send an email to groverc@me.com and I'll send the files. Grover
  3. Re Moorman Ranch, I mean archival material, probably written although not necessarily so. I should have said "leads to archives" and I also received contact information to one of the last survivors of the Moorman family. Research to follow.
  4. Dear folks, The blog has been updated to now cover from Truckee to Ruth. The next installments will be dedicated to the most interesting portion of the LHW, at least to me, that section between Ely and Salt Lake City, where the road tried desperately to avoid the salt flats. Grover sierratraveler.wordpress.com
  5. Folks, I just completed a revision of The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Chapter Eight – Austin now with new photographs and information. Grover Model T - half the speed, twice the fun.
  6. Trees, rocks - I've done it all. Once I lost the copter and then when I sent the plane out to find it (live video feed from the plane) I lost the plane too! I had a friend fly over in his full size helicopter and it was found quickly. and will scare you. Nonetheless these little goodies are a great way to get the shots you need. Grover
  7. Dave, It is great way to get a fresh perspective. I normally use the plane as seen here: http://www.electricflights.com/hawkeyemainpage.html Sometimes I use a quadcopter - Google "quadcopter" or "Gaui" which takes a bit of learning. Grover
  8. Fellow Lincoln Highway enthusiasts, Chapter Seven - Middlegate Station is now up on the blog sierratraveler.wordpress.com with information about all the "gates" in the area. Grover People have asked about how I managed to get the aerial photos. I carry with me a remote control airplane and/or helicopter with a Canon A480 camera mounted on it. Using a piece of software called CHDK I set the camera to take a photo every few seconds and then I pick the "keepers" from the hundreds of shots obtained.
  9. Fellow Lincoln Highway fans, The latest post bring the Lincoln Highway blog up to Frenchman Station in the Dixie Valley: http://sierratravele...frenchman-flat/ After that it's on to Middlegate and the recently deceased Shoe Tree. Grover
  10. Chapter Four and here we go with yet another chapter. I do hope you enjoy reading Grover
  11. And now Chapter Three - Fernley and Fallon is up. Next: Chapter Four - The Desert and "What's That I'm Looking At?"
  12. Chapter Two, Reno and Sparks, is now up at sierratraveler.wordspress.com Thanks for looking, Grover
  13. This was a most interesting adventure. I'll be going back in the spring to build on photographic portfolio. I'm glad you are liking it thus far Next chapter: Reno's 4th Street. Grover
  14. Dear Members, I just completed a 1500 mile roundtrip exploring and photographing the remains of the 1913 LHW in Nevada and western Utah. You'd find the first two chapters here: LHW in Basin and Range It was a great adventure, taking my two-wheel-drive van in places it was never meant to go. Please subscribe to the blog and I hope you enjoy it. Grover
  15. Are there any remains of Frenchman Station? Can someone provide lat/lon for the location? Thanks Grover
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