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    Roadhouse 66

    Denny, Great Report. I am proud of Dave and his brother. The place looks great. I remember that "Cadillac Ranch" model fondly. My name is on it somewhere. I am jealous of that Ohio "clubhouse" now. It might be worth a quick flight to Columbus over a weekend sometime, to tender some National Road and Roadhouse 66. Willy
  2. Well, there are so many things to ride and see in both areas. Nothing "tour" wise that I am aware of, a lot of charity rides, but nothing that hits all the areas that you are looking at. I suggest riding out up through Farmington, Ship Rock, Four Corners into Durango. Take 550 out of Durango and go over Red Mountain Pass, it is awesome on a bike, down into Ouray, (stop for an ice climb or a hot dip in the hot springs there), head out to Montrose, Take US 50 East into Gunnison and over Monarch Pass. (if you are interested in Ghost Towns, this stretch has a ton of them, suggest you pick up a guidebook on this), into Salida. I would take 285 North and run into US24 near Buena Vista, (if you are up for rafting, the Arkansas River along this stretch is the best in Colorado, a lot of great guided trips here) Take 24 into Leadville and stay here, so much history in this area, Visit Camp Hale north of Leadville, a WW2 Training camp for the 10th Mtn Division. From here, you can take Hwy 91 into Copper Mountain, which hits I-70, Great Snowmobiliing in this area around old mining roads. Take I - 70 into Dillon area, get off US Hwy 6 and head up over the Continental Divide - it is an awesome site to be on top of the world on a two lane road. As you come down the mountain past the ski areas, you have to get back on I-70 a bit, but can get off at Bakerville, back onto Hwy 6 and head down the mountains into old mining towns such as Silver Plume, Georgetown, Idaho Springs which have musuems, trains, great food, and beauty to see. US Hwy 6 runs into Hwy 40 and take Hwy 40 as much as you can as you come down the Mountain. You eventually have to get back on I-70 here and there. As you head down on I-70, something cool to see is Buffalo Bill's grave near Lookout mountain. You can take Lookout Mtn Road all the way down with views to die for into Golden, CO - home of Coors where a great brew tour is available. Keep following US 40 and take it into Denver, it turns into Colfax Avenue, and still one of the longest main streets in America. From Denver south back to Abq - I will email this at a later date.
  3. Okay, how stupid am I, I put this in my calendar for tonight!. So here I was chatting with myself. Duh! Anyway, Happy Birthday, AM Road Forum! AM Road is still moving strong. Sorry, I missed the e cake, Once again too busy to even schedule the correct time on stuff. 9th or 10th - I guess I have my calendar totally messed up. Maybe I need a road trip on an American Road to sooth the nerves and slow down. I have been on fast forward since a great road trip on 66, 85, 270, 50, 287 and 40, back in June. It is definitely time. Becky, Thom, Johnnie Meier, Dick Bublitz and forum gang - keep up the good work and keep it real on the two lanes and American Roads! Have a great weekend, 66 Willy Dave Willman Aurora, CO.
  4. I think of Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell often as I see the throws of changes as we drive across our country, open roads in cities now big boxes, classic motels gone, great eateries taken over by fast food joints. That song is one that has as much meaning the day it was written as it does today. It sums up in one song, what is great and not so great in America today. Great quiz for sure. There are a few songs that I have heard of. East Down and Bound is a classic. Those 70's songs were classics. My recent favorite is Long and Winding Road by Sheryl Crow. It keeps me in the American Road mood for sure. Thanks again, Becky, Pat and Jen for creating. 66 Willy
  5. Okay, I have been on for about an hour now, and do like the forum. Interesting forum format for sure, better than the few others I am on. I like the pictures and fun stuff like the icons, okay so I am a kid at heart. Thanks to Denny - Nice pic DG, Pat and Jen, and Becky for the words of wisdom and help. Have a great weekend, Group. 66 Willy
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